#1 HR Strategy: Align HR & Payroll

hr strategy

In today’s business climate, inefficiencies pose an existential threat. Tearing down business silos is the low-hanging fruit for improving efficiency. Let’s discuss HR and payroll, two common silos. For a small business to thrive, they need to unify systems, particularly payroll and employee time and labor. As you do, you will improve efficiency and boost…

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5 Practical Tips for Managing Your Hybrid Onsite & Remote Workforce

hybrid workforce

Here are 5 practical tips for managing hybrid teams (onsite and remote work). Being intentional about adapting for a distributed team will prevent lapses in productivity and engagement. Build a capable hybrid workforce that can drive your business forward post-pandemic. Practical Tip #1 Focus on outcomes for remote work It’s natural to worry that remote…

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10 Shift Planning Tips and Advice for Small Businesses

shift planning tips

An essential part of time and labor optimization is shift planning. Would you like to improve shift planning at your small business? We’ve gathered 10 tips along with actionable advice to help you. First off, let’s review the goals of employee shift scheduling: Meet business demands Ensure employees can take care of your customers, clients,…

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7 Employee Time Tracking Tools For Small Businesses

cement worker

How do you choose time tracking tools for your small business? Time tracking tools can give small businesses a competitive edge. Are you taking advantage of them? First things first: What is a time tracking tool? Time tracking tools automate employee time and attendance The software creates timecards and stores them online Import time data…

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Survey: 80% of Orgs Have Timekeeping, But Lack PTO and Scheduling Features

employee timekeeping survey

Though 80% of the small businesses surveyed by Swipeclock have a timekeeping solution, many reported their solution lacks the scheduling and PTO management features that small business employers need. Employers are finding that their current time solution isn’t keeping up with the growing demands and changing conditions. New Employee Scheduling and PTO Challenges For example,…

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Predictive Scheduling: What You Need to Know

10 Secure Scheduling Rules Employers should know

Updated November, 2021 A predictive scheduling law may be coming soon to your state. Is your employee scheduling compliant? In this post, we discuss ten practices contained in these “fair workweek,” “stable scheduling” and “fair scheduling” laws. Of course, scheduling affects more than compliance. It is central to company culture. Good scheduling increases engagement, satisfaction…

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Do You Need to Update Your Time Tracking Software?

Update your time tracking software with SwipeClock

Who? What? When? Where? Why? These are the questions every business should be able to answer with their employee time tracking software. The 5 W’s of Workforce Management The importance of establishing “who,” “what,” when,” “where,” and “why” is Workforce Management 101.  The 5 W’s affect labor budgets, workflow efficiency, employee productivity, and recordkeeping compliance.…

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