Employee Time Clock Hardware: Which is the Best?

time clock hardware

What is employee time clock hardware? An employee time clock is a hardware device for tracking work time. To use it, employees ‘punch’ in/out or ‘clock’ in/out. The term ‘punch in’ stems from early employee time clock hardware that required a physical card. With a traditional mechanical time clock, the process from clocking to paycheck…

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How Do Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Payroll Costs? [4 Simple Ways To Cut Overhead Without Layoffs]

SwipeClock biometric employee time clocks

7 Minute Read Do you have hourly employees? Looking for ways to reduce labor costs without layoffs? Consider getting a biometric time clock. 4 Ways Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Payroll Costs Eliminate time theft by buddy punching Eliminate time theft by hours padding Eliminate out-of-schedule punches Prevent payroll mistakes Before we get into the details,…

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Punch Time Cards: What’s The Best Employee Time Tracking Solution to Replace an Old-Fashioned Punch Card System?

employee time tracking solutions

Punch time card systems have been a workplace mainstay for over one hundred years. Employee time cards are critical for calculating hours worked, ensuring labor law compliance, accruing time off, setting lunch breaks, and providing coverage. But there are better employee timekeeping options today. These new options do a better job of preventing buddy punching,…

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Retool Manufacturing Workforce Practices: Shift, Time Clock, Leave, Hiring

retool manufacturing workforce practices

It’s time to retool your manufacturing workforce practices. Chances are your workplace looks a lot different from 6 months ago. Work schedules, locations, and hours all changed. Your supply chain, distribution networks, and standard operating procedures have taken a hit. You improvised because there was no playbook. You kept the operation running. Now what? The…

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How To Buy Time Clocks For Small Business

time clocks for small business

This guide will help you choose the right time clock for your business. 6 Critical Reasons Why You Need an Employee Time Clock To stay compliant with workplace laws To reduce payroll errors To maximize labor resources To prevent employee time theft To minimize overtime To improve employee oversight 5 Key Findings About Employee Time…

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Biometric Time Clocks: The Ultimate Guide for Employers

Are you throwing money away? Did you know. . . Employee wages are the highest expense that a business incurs. You are wasting valuable resources! But what can be done? Did you know that employers can save 8% of their payroll expense and eliminate wage theft? That means that you can put that money into…

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