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Frequent, specific feedback is often more effective than traditional annual reviews and appraisals. Spend less time and achieve better results, both individually and collectively.

Performance Management - less time

Spend less time, achieve better outcomes


Give specific, timely, and actionable feedback

more specific amplify momentum

Create a culture of continual improvement

amplify momentum focus on levereging

Leverage positive performance

Quicken the pace of progress

Get the most out of reviews by improving the process.

Build digital performance review surveys with rated questions and description fields for quick completion. Let employees and managers complete the review online and attach supporting documents. Accelerate individual and business success.

Instantly available
Build performance surveys
Set frequency
Manager Notification
Schedule review
Store review and supporting documents
Access prior reviews
Complete revlew online

Embrace fair and transparent processes

Frequent, positive feedback makes it less stressful. Employees know what to expect and get more specific, meaningful and actionable guidance. Our small business performance management software can help.

small business performance management software | WorkforceHub
PM - consistent feedback

Consistent and fair feedback loop

PM - input

Input from both manager and employee

PM - easy access

Easy access to previous reviews

PM - common consistent

Standardized rating system

Achieve better business outcomes

Seize the opportunity to engage employees through workforce performance management.

Employee success drives business growth. Performance reviews yield insights into employee motivation, strengths, aspirations, and the overall organizational culture.

Stronger team spirit
Less burnout
Lower employee turnover
Process improvement
Succession planning
Better employer brand
PM - employee feedback

Employee Feedback

Gather input from both employee and manager for a broader perspective. Leverage this for in-person review and planning sessions.

PM - meaningul appraisals

Meaningful Appraisals

Take the time to evaluate employees, provide constructive feedback and highlight their contribution to company goals. Regular feedback is key to individual and business success and creates a positive work culture.

Consistent Ratings

Consistent Ratings

Use a defined scale to assess performance, paired with freeform feedback for easy and frequent review cycles.

PM - secure records

Secure Records

Store all performance reviews and related documents to support succession planning, legal review, and ongoing performance management.

PM - easy access_1

Easy Access to History

Past performance reviews provide insight into current performance. Managers spot trends, evaluate performance goals over time, and gain talent management insight.

PM - reporting and analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Leverage HR analytics from the performance management process for hiring optimization, managerial review, succession planning, and skills mapping.

PM - schedule adherance

Schedule Adherence

Tap into digital timecards and scheduling for proof of attendance and compliance with clock-in/out rules.

Think sprints, not marathons

Performance management doesn't need to be a time-consuming, complicated process.


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