How to Write and Update Your Employee Handbook For 2022 + Template

employee handbook

Updated December 21, 2021 Employee Handbooks in 2022: The Definitive Guide Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. A good handbook serves many purposes. Is your handbook a useful tool for your company? A strong employee handbook will: Set expectations for new hires Codify, organize, and update company policies Simplify onboarding…

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Hiring Teens? How to Avoid a Department of Labor Audit

child labor laws

Many businesses reopening after lockdowns are scrambling to find workers. Due to labor shortages for some types of jobs, some employers are turning to the youth labor market. Industries include food and beverage, retail, healthcare, and sports and recreation. Consider the numbers from April 2021; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of 266,000 jobs…

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Small Business HR Compliance

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Small business HR compliance has never been more complex. It’s critical that small business owners understand regulations and create a culture of compliance at their organization. We will discuss the following compliance categories that apply to small business employers: Hiring Laws Family Medical Leave, COVID Leave, and Paid Time Off Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employee Classifications…

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2021 HR Compliance Checklist

HR compliance checklist

When was the last time you did an HR compliance checkup? If it’s been a while, we recommend putting it at the top of your to-do list. Use a checklist for a systematic audit of your Human Resources practices to ensure that your company is compliant. It’s important to do this annually and spot-check when…

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Why LMS Compliance Training is an Onboarding Must-Have

compliance training

An HRMS with an integrated LMS is the best practice for compliance training. First off, a unified system saves time and money. Secondly, it provides higher quality training using the latest in eLearning techniques. It improves efficiency for HR and managers. Lastly, it provides training analytics to guide decisions. What are the benefits of using…

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Small Business Coronavirus Relief Started April 1st: How Can My Business Qualify?

small business coronavirus tax credit

Updated June 9, 2020 What programs in the recent relief bills help small businesses? In March 2020, the federal government passed three multi trillion-dollar relief bills which represent the largest economic stimulus in US history. The Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act–Passed March 6, 2020  Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)–Passed March 18, 2020)  Coronavirus Aid,…

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How a Biometric Time Clock Will Increase Your Retail Profitability In 2022


Updated November 22, 2021 Retail business owners have to juggle many balls to stay profitable. These include managing inventory, competing with the e-commerce giants, handling both online and offline sales, and complying with yet another regulation. All the while, they have to satisfy customers who know as much about their products as the manufacturer. Clearly,…

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Your Independent Contractors Are Probably Employees: Compliance 2020

independent contractors

The new overtime law is not the only hot button compliance issue for 2020. Classification is related—and just as important. Do you employ independent contractors? Are you sure they qualify? Most employers are aware of the new overtime threshold that took effect on January 1, 2020. If you’re misclassifying, you are at risk of violating…

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