How Employee Appreciation Creates a “Best Place to Work”

employee recognition

Would your small business make it onto a “100 Best Places to Work” list? If you’ve read about the companies that achieve this honor, you’ve probably noticed that whatever differences they may have, they all have a culture of employee appreciation. Employee appreciation is essential if you want your small business to be a great…

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Avoid 5 Geofencing Pitfalls Common with Mobile Timekeeping

geofencing pitfalls to avoid

Thinking about using geofencing in your small business? Perhaps you have multiple locations like an office building and a factory. Or maybe your employees are assigned to job sites that change over time. You may have some staff that now work from home. Geofencing provides a great way to easily keep track of where your…

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WFM Software: 10 Genius Hacks and Surprising Collateral Benefits

SwipeClock workforce management

Workforce management is all about optimization. It helps optimize your human capital. It helps optimize your workflows. It helps optimize your labor budget. What about optimizing your time and labor software? Many business owners don’t take advantage of all the features of their systems. From nifty business hacks to collateral benefits, here are 10 things…

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Set Up HR Functions and Get Back to Business

HR functions

HR functions are integral to business operations. But many small business owners can’t dedicate a lot of time and energy to Human Resources. Understandably, they’re focusing on their core business. Sound familiar? This approach may work when you have three employees. But as you grow, ignoring HR will hold you back. For example, you may…

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Why Structured Interviews are Critical

Updated February 5, 2022 What are Structured Interviews? A structured interview uses a uniform script of questions. To conduct the interview, the interviewer follows the same script for each candidate. The questions are chosen specifically for the skills required for the position. They also include questions that reveal desired behavioral attributes. In an unstructured interview,…

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How Manager Feedback and Interview Evaluations Improve Hiring

Interview feedback and evaluations

If you aren’t using candidate evaluation forms, you aren’t collaborating effectively. Even worse, you might be missing the best candidates. Candidate Evaluation Forms For Interview Feedback What is a candidate evaluation form? It’s a tool that allows members of the hiring team to rate applicants based on the same criteria. It is also called an…

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HR Areas of Improvement: Make These 22 Bold Moves

HR areas of improvement for 2021

Pandemic upheaval has placed heavy burdens on HR for the past two years. As we move into another year and the pandemic is still with us, business owners and HR teams will not have a respite. However, those that commit to HR areas of improvement will have a profound impact. They will help their organizations…

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