How to Structure an Interview for Better Small Business Hiring

interview structure

Are you struggling to staff your small business? In a recent Swipeclock survey, 80% of respondents listed hiring as their main workforce challenge. In a competitive labor market, you need every advantage you can get. Consequently, it’s a great time to review best practices for hiring. In today’s post, we discuss how to structure an…

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How to Write an Effective Job Description

job description

A job description explains the duties and responsibilities of a job and the qualifications needed. A good job description can entice a job seeker to apply. Conversely, a poorly-written or confusing description can discourage a candidate from applying. The benefits of writing an effective job description A well written job description will: Help attract the…

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What is HR Management? [The Small Business Guide to People Ops]

HR management

What is HR management? Human Resources is the business function that encompasses all employee-related processes. It includes the following: Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding Time, Labor, Payroll Training, Development, Performance Management Benefits Management Labor Relations HR Analytics and Reporting Wage and Hour Compliance Human Resources is also called Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources Management (HRM).…

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9 Fresh Recruiting Ideas + 10 Best Practices

recruiting ideas

Updated January 13, 2022 Surpass your hiring targets in 2022 with fresh recruiting ideas. Add new tricks to your repertoire. 9 Fresh Employee Recruiting Ideas for 2022 + 10 Tried and True The techniques presented here worked for the companies that used them. Some may work for your organization. 1. Target Employees Recently Laid Off…

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Tips For Increasing Recruiting Success for Your Small Biz

small business hiring

How to beat the big brands and big budgets for top talent in a tight labor market. Does your small business need to hire in 2023? Recruiting success requires a multi-pronged approach. In this article, we discuss four actionable tips to start using right now: Adopt recruitment marketing Use texting to engage with candidates Upgrade…

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Small Business Management: Books, Apps & Tools + Business Partnership Advice

small business

The Swipeclock Guide to Small Business Management Tools This guide is for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners. Chapter 1. The Best Small Business Management Software The Best Accounting Software for Small Business In this section, we start with accounting software. Newbies quickly learn that one product–QuickBooks–dominates the market. Which leads us to the question,…

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10 Dynamic Employee Onboarding Ideas

employee onboarding

For many companies, a new year might mean that there’s an opportunity to hire new employees. While initially exciting, recruiting can be an exhausting process, and interviewing can feel tedious. By the time those processes are “over” (are they ever really over?), it’s not unlikely that hiring managers would leave the thoughts of employee onboarding…

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Game On! Win at Healthcare Hiring

healthcare hiring

Healthcare Hiring: Catch Top Talent With Our Essential Hiring Guide Need to win at healthcare hiring this year? We’ve got you covered with our in-depth hiring playbook. It’s designed for small to mid-size healthcare companies that need to expand their workforce this year. ApplicantStack’s How To Hire Your Next Employee playbook will help you: Find…

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How to Write and Update Your Employee Handbook + Template

employee handbook

Updated September 13, 2022 Employee Handbooks: The Definitive Guide Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. A good handbook serves many purposes. Is your handbook a useful tool for your company? A strong employee handbook will: Set expectations for new hires Codify, organize, and update company policies Simplify onboarding Help new…

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9 Small Business Tax Deductions You Need to Know

small business tax deductions

Updated January 24, 2022 Small business tax deductions and write-offs are too important to overlook. To take advantage of small business tax deductions by: Keep good records Hire a tax accountant Pay attention to deadlines Let’s discuss 9 categories of small business tax deductions. Note that there is some overlap. 9 Small Business Tax Deductions…

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