Introducing the New Cost-Per-Hire Calculator

calculator tablet and pen on table

One of the hardest things about investing in a new technology is understanding how, exactly, it will impact your company. In short, is this purchase going to be worth it? Is it going to make things easier for you, or will it be costly and difficult to implement? What kind of a return on investment…

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Will Outsourcing Your HR and Payroll Help Grow Your Business?

benefits for SMBs of using a PEO graphic

Benefits of Using a PEO for Your Small Business Have you heard about a PEO and wondered what all the buzz is about? You’ve come to the right place! This article explores a Professional Employee Organization and why many small businesses use them. Swipeclock is not a PEO but does work with many PEOs to…

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Harness the Power of Push Notifications for Workforce Management

push notifications, employee time and attendance

If you haven’t, it’s time to consider push notifications to improve your employee time and attendance. How To Use Push Notifications in Workforce Management Push notifications are proactive notes that appear on smartphones. We call them “push” notifications because they are pushed out to the recipient. Push notifications can go to a single individual. They…

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Small Business Owners Can Solve Hiring Problems With These 8 Simple Steps

SwipeClock workforce management software

People seeking to upgrade their employment appreciate how the low unemployment rate has expanded their job opportunities. Small business owners, however, are not as thrilled. Many are experiencing the hiring challenges of an ever-shrinking pool of talent. Business owners who solve their hiring problems have a better chance of thriving in any economy. The Most…

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Use Recruiting Solutions to Overcome Hiring Roadblocks

roadblock lights closeup

Despite your best efforts, you’re going to run into roadblocks when you’re recruiting. Analyze your hiring funnel to locate and assess these roadblocks. Then, find the recruiting solutions you need to optimize the process. In many cases, the delays may appear to be the fault of your personnel. Do these scenarios sound familiar? The manager…

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How Push Notifications Transform Employee Scheduling (And Make Your Managers Happy)

SwipeClock employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling doesn’t have to be all-consuming for managers. Employee scheduling software simplifies everything related to shift staffing. This goes beyond simply creating a weekly schedule. Employee scheduling software handles time card approvals, overtime management, and vacation tracking. Today’s article focuses on one of the newest features to be incorporated into employee scheduling software: the…

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