Try Our New ApplicantStack Product Walkthrough! See How The Top Applicant Tracking Software Can Change The Way You Hire

applicant tracking systems

5 minute read Are you looking at applicant tracking systems? Do you have 5 minutes? We just introduced a walkthrough for one of our newest products. You can try it out right now. ApplicantStack is our new applicant tracking and onboarding product. It matches the quality and ease-of-use of our other workforce management systems. With…

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How to Make Your Job Postings Searchable on Major Job Boards

Keyword in Job description

With over millions of job searches each month on major job boards like Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder, are you doing enough to make sure your job postings are searchable and stand out? When you think of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), you probably think it pertains to online marketing and websites, right? You wouldn’t automatically associate…

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A Cautionary Tale for Employers: 16k DOL Fine for City Department of Recreation [Are You Protected With An Employee Timekeeping System?]

SwipeClock employee timekeeping

Are you at risk of a small business compliance violation? Even employers with the best intentions make mistakes. The city of Orem, Utah recently paid a $16,000 fine to the U.S. Department of Labor. During the summers of 2017 and 2018, the city unwittingly violated child labor laws. (Incidentally, the city is about 30 miles…

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SCE, Inc. Runs Smoothly with the Help of SwipeClock for Construction

An older mobile time-tracking app didn’t allow SCE, Inc. to gather job site information when workers clocked in and out. This caused hassles, frustration, and wasted a lot of time. Now with TimeWorks Mobile from SwipeClock, billing and payroll are easy, hassle-free, accurate to the minute, and much less time consuming Now with SwipeClock our…

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How to Recruit, Hire, and Onboard the Best Employees

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding are the three stages in the path to acquiring a happy, productive employee. At its core, each is about making a connection. A thorough understanding of the psychology of communication is the greatest tool one has in ensuring the success of this process. How to Recruit Find Job Candidates Potential applicants…

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Liberty Outdoors Grows with SwipeClock for Manufacturing


Liberty Outdoors is a family of brands that evoke the American values of freedom and adventure. The company manufactures the highest quality trailers, producing some of the most recognizable designs in the industry. Now, with SwipeClock, I can do an even better job for almost 10 times the number of people. I even have extra…

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Is Professional Networking Important?

Job openings today are frequently hyperspecialized, making it even harder to identify and hire qualified talent. Your network – and your colleagues’ networks – can be one of the best sources for applicants. For candidates who are experts in a certain area, professional networking is especially important. Finding a niche job opportunity can be tough…

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Why It’s Never Been More Important To Speed Up Hiring [How Small Businesses Can Prosper During a Labor Shortage]

speed up hiring

8 minute read Business owners can improve their recruiting process to speed up hiring. How Long Should it Take to Fill a Position? Let’s look at the latest hiring statistics. The average position advertised solicits 250 resumes. (Glassdoor) 2% of the total number of candidates are contacted for an interview. (Glassdoor) The interview process takes…

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The Corporate Personality Test You Should Be Using

Are you an ENTJ? A Loyalist? Stronger in Activation, Command, or Ideation? Perhaps you’re an Advocate, a Maestro, an Inquisitive Innovator, or an Architect. Each of these labels comes from a different corporate personality test used to segment applicants and employees. The ultimate goal is to find the right person for the right job. But…

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