3 Statements Your Recruiting Team Should Avoid

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The current hiring landscape is vastly different than it was just ten years ago. Gone is the 9-5 workday. Gone is the standardized application process. Gone is the time when employees worked for years in the same position at the same company. Today’s employees find new jobs through social media and word of mouth –…

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Use EQ to grow your accounting business

Emotional intelligence is important for accountants

Emotional Intelligence: The missing key In 2010, Grant Thornton UK undertook some unorthodox steps to grow their already successful accounting firms. The process took 5 years. The result? A 35% revenue uplift! And a 16% increase in client satisfaction! What did they do? What made the difference? Grant Thornton UK undertook a massive transition in…

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Why Employment Branding Is Essential for Job Recruitment

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While marketing, human resources, and job recruitment play different roles, their overall goals are the same. Attract and keep employees and consumers, so you can grow your business. Competition for quality talent is stiff. The job market is tight. Unemployment is hovering at 4%, the lowest its been in years. In fact, the United States…

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Reduce HR Paperwork and Make Life Easier For Everyone

SwipeClock HR software

Regardless of the type of business you are in, your Human Resources department is in the business of paperwork. The documents start piling up even before a candidate is hired. There are applications, tax forms, benefits enrollment documents, timesheets, and employee handbooks. If your small business doesn’t have an HR department, you are probably handling…

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Small Business Compliance: An Update On Predictive Scheduling Laws

SwipeClock predictive employee scheduling software

Predictive employee scheduling regulations aim to improve scheduling practices for part-time and shift workers. Businesses with fluctuating staffing demands often use ‘just-in-time’ employee scheduling. The instability wreaks havoc on the lives of the lowest paid employees in the workforce. These are the people most likely to be living paycheck to paycheck while juggling two or…

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10 Facts About the Home Care Hiring Process

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Updated November 19, 2021 The home care hiring process isn’t easy. The industry is booming, and job seekers have keyed in on the fact that this career has a low barrier to entry. These ten facts about the home care hiring process might surprise you – and they’ll definitely inform the way you advertise your…

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