WorkforceHub Case Study: Eight-Location Buffet Restaurant

Find out how a buffet restaurant chain increased its profitability and efficiency with WorkforceHub. The Problem: Increasing Costs were Shrinking Margins The margins at the restaurant chain’s eight locations were shrinking due to rising food costs. Therefore, the owner was searching for ways to bolster the bottom line. Competition was tight and an attempt to…

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SCE, Inc. Runs Smoothly with the Help of SwipeClock for Construction

An older mobile time-tracking app didn’t allow SCE, Inc. to gather job site information when workers clocked in and out. This caused hassles, frustration, and wasted a lot of time. Now with TimeWorks Mobile from SwipeClock, billing and payroll are easy, hassle-free, accurate to the minute, and much less time consuming Now with SwipeClock our…

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Liberty Outdoors Grows with SwipeClock for Manufacturing


Liberty Outdoors is a family of brands that evoke the American values of freedom and adventure. The company manufactures the highest quality trailers, producing some of the most recognizable designs in the industry. Now, with SwipeClock, I can do an even better job for almost 10 times the number of people. I even have extra…

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My Personal Journey to ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack Management team event

How did I get here and what was my journey to ApplicantStack? 6 min read When I began my job at my last position at a help desk company, one item I was tasked with was researching a better way to recruit new employees. I was surprised that a technology company’s recruitment process comprised manually…

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Avila Beach Golf Resort Saved Thousands with SwipeClock


The Avila Beach Golf Resort is the most well-known of the Central Coast golf courses in California. The course opened in 1969 and has been a top destination for golfers ever since. The resort’s spectacular coastal setting just south of San Luis Obispo offers the perfect location for weddings, private events, concerts, festivals, or just…

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Case Study: Maryland University of Integrated Health

It’s one thing to tell you how we can help, it’s another to see for yourself. We’ll regularly post case studies so you can see how ApplicantStack has been able to save our customers time and get more qualified applicants in the door.   ABOUT Maryland University of Integrated Health is a graduate school of integrative…

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Alliance Business Solutions

Alliance Business Solutions Grows 30% and Increases Employee Satisfaction by Helping Clients Automate Timekeeping and Scheduling Alliance Business Solutions sought to help their clients replace manual processes and become more efficient with workforce management solutions. By helping their clients solve their challenges, Alliance Business Solutions’ clients are more satisfied and staying longer. We decided to…

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PayDataUSA Grows By Automating Timekeeping

PayDataUSA implemented TimeWorksPlus’ and TimeSimplicity into their service offerings to not only enable their customers to manage their expanding workforce efficiently but also to have greater visibility into their day-to-day productivity. The migration from TimeWorks to TimeWorksPlus is a very simple and easy process and we’ve received very positive feedback from clients who have upgraded. Challenge PayDataUSA gives its…

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OHP Work Care and Southern Care Walk-in Clinic


OHP WorkCare & Southern Care Walk-in Clinic needed solutions that not only ensure the quality of care for their patients but also to improve their efficiencies for payroll processing, managing employee schedules, and tracking hours worked. TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity helped them lower their overall labor costs. SwipeClock products enable them to manage their workforce management…

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941 Payroll And Timekeeping Grows With SwipeClock

941 Payroll and Timekeeping prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. By adding TimeWorksPlus, TimeWorks Mobile, and TimeSimplicity to its range of service offerings, clients have saved money by automating paper-based processes to minimize overtime pay, ensuring more accurate timekeeping, and having regular reports for audits, and improved decision making. With SwipeClock, we have helped…

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