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Get full-service payroll paired with modern time tracking and HR tools. Everything you need from one provider.

All for small business.


Easy-to-use payroll

WorkforceHub payroll services allow you to make payroll happen in just a few simple clicks each pay period.


Reduce errors

Errors in payroll can be a time-drain and complicated to adjust. Make that a worry of the past and boost your effectiveness.


Grow your business

Our small business payroll services will help you focus on your business again. Let’s grow, together.

Designed with small business in mind

Selecting payroll with WorkforceHub creates a one-stop platform to manage your people operations.

We're small business experts, with a wealth of time and attendance experience. By pairing WorkforceHub's robust, yet simple-to-use time tracking with full-service payroll, you have all the tools you need to address the mission-critical tasks of running your small business.

With WorkforceHub's payroll offering you receive:


No calculator? No problem. Not only will your taxes be filed, but they'll also be paid and filed for you. Get rid of the liability!

Get more than just payroll

You don’t need five different systems to run your business' HR processes.
With WorkforceHub, your HR tools are all-in-one which makes it easy—and affordable!


Time & Labor

Your employees are your greatest asset and your greatest expense. As labor costs rise, leverage our tools to ensure your processes are built to keep you compliant while boosting efficiency.


Talent Management

Finding, hiring and retaining employees is a challenge. It can be even more difficult for small businesses that don’t have on-staff recruiters, large HR staff, or perhaps, any HR personnel at all.


Built-in HR Management

With critical HR tools added to WorkforceHub, small businesses will have everything they need – without the price tag and HR fluff they don’t.

How does WorkforceHub Payroll Integration work?

WorkforceHub offers hundreds of connections to popular—as well as the not as well known—payroll solutions. We can work with you.
WorkforceHub timekeeping captures employee punches with a hardware time clock or webclock.
As employees work their shifts, WorkforceHub tracks hours, PTO, overtime and meals/breaks.
At the end of the pay period, import hours data directly from WorkforceHub into the payroll system of your choice.
Precise timecard data every time
Payroll Integration - How does WorkforceHub payroll integration work

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