Hiring Your Next Employee: The Ultimate Guide

At some point in your role as a hiring manager you’re going to be faced with the question of how to hire the employee. Hiring an employee is one of the most critical functions you can fulfill as a hiring manager. Hiring an employee is a lot like getting married; you’re going to spend a…

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Why Is HR The Last To Get New Technology When Labor Is The Largest Expense?

ApplicantStack applicant tracking

Many businesses neglect HR technology in their quest for improved efficiency. They have automated solutions for accounting, merchant transactions, CRM, manufacturing, online marketing, tech support, and inventory management. Yet Human Resources trudges along with clipboards and stacks of forms. They wrestle unwieldy spreadsheets. They reenter data because systems can’t talk to each other. Sound familiar?…

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The Ideal Applicant Journey in 3 Steps: Use Hiring Psychology Like a Pro

applicant journey

What is applicant journey mapping? The process of creating a graphical representation or map of a job applicant’s journey. It depicts what the applicant experiences through each stage of the recruiting process. What is an applicant persona? A semi-fictional description of your company’s ideal job applicant.  Both of these methods are components of hiring or…

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Why HR is Necessary to Manage Your Business

SwipeClock Human Resources Management

4 Minute Read As an HR director, have you ever had to justify your existence? Unfortunately, many HR professionals endure everything from annoyance to outright hostility. In corporate America, Human Resources management gets a bad rap. This is discussed in a Reddit thread with insights from HR professionals. I based this post on the thread…

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How to Conduct an Interview: Best Practices to Improve Hiring

how to conduct an interview

Updated January 3, 2022 Why learn how to conduct an interview? It’s simple. You will find better employees. Best-fit employees ensure that you meet your business objectives. How should the interviewer prepare for an interview? Notice that steps 1-6 all take place before the candidate arrives. By all means, the things you do to prepare…

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