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Easily order, review and manage background checks right from WorkforceHub with Verified First background check software. Shorten time-to-hire so you can onboard new talent without delay.

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Verified First is known for delivering streamlined background screening backed by the best client support, speedy turnaround times with excellent service, and for developing the easiest, fastest system integrations.

Verified First Backgound Check Software

The team at Verified First is passionate about helping companies gain a competitive advantage by reducing time-to-hire and improving their screening processes.

Criminal background
Drug testing
I-9 verification
Civil records
Driving records
Identity verification

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WorkforceHub offers an integration with Verified First, a trusted provider of comprehensive background check services. WorkforceHub users can easily order, review, and manage background screening solutions within the platform.

A background check can be customized to the needs of the employer, position, and candidate. Most look at criminal history, although some include more details, such as employment and/or education verification, driving records, and/or credit history.

Yes, state and federal laws regulate the use of background checks. Employers are required to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the guidelines set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

A background check usually takes between 3 and 14 business days, although a more complex check may take longer to complete. Verified First, the WorkforceHub partner for background screenings, offers rapid turnaround time for most clear searches.

Although a background check may not be legally required for every position and role, conducting one on every new hire can mitigate risk. Additionally, screening candidates before hiring can promote a safe work environment and support consistency in hiring practices.

Yes, a candidate can refuse a background check. However, the employer can choose not to hire that individual, as long as the policy applies to all candidates for similar positions consistently. Employers are required to obtain written consent before conducting a background screening.

A background check can differ in how far back it goes, depending on the screening selected and any applicable laws. Criminal background screenings typically go back 7 to 10 years.

When using the Verified First integration within WorkforceHub, employers can choose from different background screening options to customize the process based on the role and other factors.

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