9 Ways To Accelerate Time Card Tracking


Time card deadlines are relentless. Managers have to approve their teams’ time cards every single pay period. This task can’t be put off or your employees won’t get their paychecks. Time card approvals can overwhelm managers without digital time card software. Inefficient processes hamstring managers and employees alike. Are you serious about speeding up your…

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Why Successful Restaurants Use Workforce Management Software

restaurant employee scheduling

To prosper in the restaurant industry, you can’t manage your workforce like you did ten years ago. Savvy owners are using powerful workforce management software to gain the competitive edge. If you haven’t jumped on board, you are making things harder for yourself. You may not be aware of the industry changes that are affecting…

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How To Save Thousands On Construction Payroll

how to save thousands on construction payroll

If you are a contractor, you have to deal with construction payroll. But you also have a zillion other things to worry about. If you don’t keep all the balls in the air—you won’t be profitable. If you are processing payroll for construction manually, you are losing money. If you are like most firms, your…

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Why Workforce Management Makes Sense For Salaried Employees

workforce management for salary employees

The Department of Labor classifies a salaried employee as one who is paid a pre-determined amount regularly. The wage amount is set before the pay period. Employers typically issue a paycheck monthly or bi-weekly. Some employers forego workforce management because their employees are all on salary. This misconception is probably due to the fact that…

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How Workforce Management Accelerates Productivity and Profitability

workforce management accelerates productivity and profitability

Every business owner knows there is a direct connection between productivity and profitability. Because of this, they strive to optimize every department and process. Constant innovation is more important than ever. Interestingly, some business owners don’t view workforce management (WFM) as an area that can yield greater productivity. This disconnect prevents many from implementing workforce…

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Time Tracking Software Is Critical For Seasonal Workers, Too!

time tracking for seasonal help

Seasonal workers fill out short-term staffing demands during increased seasonal business. They are an important part of our annual sales planning. We know time and attendance tracking is important for our regular staff. But did you know time and attendance tracking is important for temporary help, too? Seasonal Help Isn’t That Different Holidays, year-end sales,…

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My Personal Journey to ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack Management team event

How did I get here and what was my journey to ApplicantStack? 6 min read When I began my job at my last position at a help desk company, one item I was tasked with was researching a better way to recruit new employees. I was surprised that a technology company’s recruitment process comprised manually…

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Workforce Management Can Solve Fire Department Overtime Issues

SwipeClock overtime management software

How many firefighters do you know who are millionaires? The career hasn’t generally been considered a path to wealth. But Los Angeles firefighter Donn Thompson has earned millions during his career. In 2017, he earned $394,000, which is more than triple his yearly salary of $92,000. $302,000 of that was overtime. Since 2014, he has…

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