Types of Organizational Cultures

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In today’s world, the culture of an organization is more important than ever before. Jobseekers often look at the culture and expectations before even applying for a position, let alone accepting it. If a company’s values and culture don’t align with an individual’s personal desires for growth and support, it can become much more difficult…

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Core Company Values: What They Are and Why They Matter

Employee Time and Attendance

In today’s business landscape, it’s critical for organizations to determine how to stand apart. Of course, the quality of products or services offered is part of that, but that’s not the only factor in establishing a distinct value proposition. Business owners must define what their companies stand for and how they operate. To fulfill this…

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The Consequences of a Toxic Work Culture

employee time and attendance

Company culture has always been important, but it’s become a topic of conversation in the more recent past as businesses seek to boost productivity and increase success. But beyond the financial gains of building a positive culture, a company can establish its identity and improve its image by focusing on these aspects. Explore what happens…

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Your Guide to Employee Retention

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Retaining good employees is an important pillar of a company’s overall culture and success. High turnover rates typically indicate low morale and general discontent, which can impact an organization’s ability to maintain its operations and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. This guide dives into the meaning of employee retention, why it’s important, and how…

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