Dispelling 5 Hiring Myths That Can Hinder Your Company’s 2020 Talent Acquisition

hiring myths

Hiring myths hamper your recruiting efforts. Let’s debunk some of the common misconceptions. 1. Work-from-home policies lower productivity and reduce collaboration. Companies in widely diverse industries have found the opposite to be true. When managed correctly, remote employees are just as effective as onsite workers. Inexpensive (or free) cloud-based software solves collaboration problems. JetBlue allows…

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Onboarding Your Next Employee: Payroll and Benefits Enrollment

employee onboarding and benefits enrollment

Today’s post focuses on payroll and benefits enrollment. These are two critical components of new employee onboarding. If new hires have a problem with either of these, the consequences can be serious. A missed or delayed first paycheck is a terrible way to start a new job. A delay in health insurance enrollment can be…

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Conquer The Top 3 Healthcare Recruiting Problems

healthcare hiring

Healthcare recruiting challenges aren’t easing up in 2020. The only thing harder than finding quality healthcare employees is keeping them. Does your healthcare recruiting process need a major disruption? Here are actionable techniques that can solve recruiting dilemmas. Today’s post contains strategies for: Home health aide providers Long-term care facilities Community health organizations What are…

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Make Internal Hiring Work For Your Company

hiring psychology

Internal hiring can help solve 4 common recruitment challenges: It takes too long to fill open positions It’s hard to find candidates with the right skills Some new hires aren’t a good cultural fit We are spending a lot on recruitment All hiring managers know that internal recruitment is faster and cheaper. Let’s discuss why.…

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How Does Employee Scheduling Software Clean up a Scheduling Mess?

employee scheduling software

Schedule better. Manage better. Start liking your job. Breathe… How Do You Use Employee Scheduling Software? We’ll explain using Kate. She manages a workforce of 200. Both full-timers and part-timers. With shifts of varying lengths at five locations. Most workers are hourly but she has a few salaried full-timers. For each shift, she needs a…

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