6 Tips for Avoiding Hiring Bias

When it comes to hiring top talent, we want to believe we give everyone a fair chance and choose the most qualified candidates. But what if our judgments aren’t as fair as we think they are? We all carry unconscious biases, both positive and negative, that influence our opinions of others. When we see a…

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Managers can effectively manage employee absences

how can managers manage employee absences (1)

Employee absence is referred to as absenteeism. Absence management is the ability to manage employee absences and to help employees return to work well and functional as quickly as possible. It includes managing the existing workload to compensate for the missing employee. It can include re-assigning projects, hiring temporary workers, or calling employees to fill…

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ATS Systems: Do This First

Chess opening - first step of chess competition

The hiring process is critical to the overall reputation of the company, and most of all to your employment brand. Companies with better reputations attract better people, are seen to offer more value, and can even charge a premium for their products and services. One great way to improve your brand reputation? Improve your hiring process.…

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