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Capture precise timecard data every time and everywhere.


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Time and Attendance Systems | WorkforceHub

Use intelligent clocks that make time instantly available for review and approval.

WorkforceHub Time and Attendance Solutions

Keep Your Business on Time and on Track

Toss your spreadsheets and hand calculators. Save time and aggravation with online time and attendance systems. See in real-time when and where work begins and ends.

When and where work starts/stops
Convenient and intuitive
Instantly available
Precise timecard data every time

Know When and Where Employees Work

Managing by walking around is not a timekeeping strategy.


When employees are remote or assigned to multiple locations, they need a better way to log their time and attendance. Capture when and where employees start and stop work, and verify identity using intelligent time clocks and geofencing. Collect additional job-related data including tips, mileage, and project.

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Comply with Time and Attendance Governing Rules

Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law. Stay on the right side by keeping accurate records of time data. Set timekeeping rules to ensure compliance with overtime, break, shift duration, leave, and other regulations set by agencies governing your business.

Federal, state, local
Industry, union, business
Comply with Time and Attendance Governing Rules | WorkforceHub
Connect Timecards to Payroll | Time and Attendance | WorkforceHub

Connect Timecards to Payroll

Timecard approval is a snap when time data is instantly available. No need to calculate or enter data. Simply review, approve and send on for payroll processing. Accurate timecards ensure proper pay.

Accurate timecards for proper pay
Accessible for employees and managers
Avoid common errors and fraud
Leave requirements

Time and Attendance Solutions

Track Time Every Time

Track Time Every Time

Automatically track time for onsite and remote employees, making it easy to review timecards, pay the proper wage and prove compliance.

Trust but Verify

Trust but Verify

Turn any device into an intelligent timeclock, or use biometric timeclocks to authenticate and capture time data.

Leverage Technology for better control

Leverage Technology for Better Control

Enforce breaks, control overtime, job cost, and automate PTO management.

Know Where Your Employees Are

Know Where Your Employees Are

Geofencing and GPS locating make it clear where your employees are punching the clock.

Support Job Costing

Support Job Costing

Assign hours to specific projects, clients, locations or tasks. Capture mileage, expenses, tips or other data at the clock.

Create Auditable Records

Create Auditable Time Records

Digital timecards give you proof you need for labor law compliance and pay disputes.

Real-Time Visibility

Enforce Work Schedules

Keep employees within the bounds of their schedules using timekeeping rules. Lock employees out of early clock-in, require full breaks, and flag employees outside approved geofenced areas.

Know Where Your Employees Are

Real-time Visibility

Managers receive alerts when employees approach overtime, allowing schedule changes to avoid excess labor costs. Customize pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements, and time off accruals.

Stop Unplanned Overtime

Stop Unplanned Overtime

Assign hours to specific projects, clients, locations or tasks. Capture mileage, expenses, tips or other data at the clock.

Manage Meal and Rest Breaks

Manage Meal and Rest Breaks

Ensure employees take required meal and rest breaks through clock lockout. Timecards provide record of break compliance.

Accurate Payroll Processing

Accurate Payroll Processing

Accurate timecards sent directly to payroll for processing saves hours and avoids errors introduced through manual data entry, missed punches, and faulty calculations.

Manage Paid Time Off

Manage Paid Time Off

Allocate, accrue and track use of sick leave, family leave, vacation and other time off. Employees can check their current PTO balances and request time off using any mobile device. Managers approve, modify, or deny.

What others are saying about WorkforceHub’s Time and Attendance Systems

WorkforceHub Time and Attendance testimonial-reversed

Theresa K. - Operations Director

As the administrator, I love how easy it is to review and modify employees' timecards, either by reviewing all punches for the day in a single screen or by looking at the entire pay period by employee.


Jeffrey W. - Accountant

It's very comprehensive and can pretty much do anything that you would want it to do. Also, with the new updates it has a very clean interface. Also, integrates well with my payroll software.


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