Washington D.C. FMLA and U.S. FMLA Guide for HR

District of Columbia’s FMLA Overview Washington D.C. has provided an unpaid family medical leave for D.C. employees for over 5 years. But,  Many employers and managers still have questions about how to implement the DCFMLA leave independently or in conjunction with the U.S.FMLA. At first glance, it may appear that both FMLA leaves can be…

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Vermont Parental Family Leave and FMLA, What Employers Need to Know

Overview of Vermont’s Parental Family Leave Act Vermont’s Parental Family Leave Act (PFLA) provides three separate leave types for employees. Although the act separates leave into three distinct provisions, the law is very similar to the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FLA) Parental Family Leave is split into Parental Leave, Family Leave, and Family Short…

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How to Engage Managers in the Hiring Process

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Help managers take an active role in finding new employees The hiring process is full of possibility. There’s the possibility of gaining a talented new employee who works well with the team—and the possibility of uncomfortable discrepancy between HR departments and hiring managers about who the new employee should be. In some hiring scenarios, HR…

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Connecticut FMLA and Federal FMLA: Differences and Similarities for HR

Connecticut FMLA | FMLA CT | WorkforceHub

Overview of Connecticut FMLA Laws Connecticut is one of 12 states that provide protected leave for family care, bonding, or medical purposes. In addition to Connecticut FMLA, the Federal Family Medical Leave Act also provides protected leave for family or personal medical purposes. Although in many cases, the Connecticut FMLA leave may run concurrently with…

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