Offer the Most Sought-After Employee Benefits: Let SwipeClock Help!

The dilemma is common. Should your small or medium-sized company lavish employees with fabulous benefits and forgo profits or should you penny pinch and risk losing your best employees? Most small and growing companies can’t afford to provide the unique benefits of Google, Pinterest or Spotify. Offering a year, or even months, of paid family…

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If You Neglect Workforce Management, This Could Happen to You

What affects business success? Talent, Ideas, Product, Customer Service, Mission? While these are all vital components to the success of a business, there is one aspect that is too often neglected. Do you know what it is? Neglecting workforce management can cause great obstacles to your business success. This can affect many areas of your…

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6 Payroll Problems That Might Sink Your Business

Payroll Problems That Can Sink Your Business

There are lots of reasons a business might not make it. Payroll could be the one that gets overlooked. Payroll services that provide workforce management software offer a competitive advantage. 20% of small business fail their first year. Payroll problems are the number one reason. Effective management of payroll can ease cash flow problems and…

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What is The True Cost of an Employee in 2020?

the cost of an employee

As a small business owner, I get concerned about the employee cost of a new hire. When we create a budget there are a lot of things to consider. Follow along as I calculate the true cost of an employee… Employee Cost Calculation A quick search on the internet will tell you that the average…

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Staff Scheduling Software Aces Complex Education Employee Scheduling

education employee scheduling software

K-12 schools have the same staff scheduling challenges as any business. In fact, an average elementary school has more employees than 90% of U.S. businesses—which have less than twenty. Schools have multiple departments, each with unique scheduling logistics. School workforces are more diversified than most businesses. Employee scheduling at schools may be even more complex.…

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The Employee Scheduling Solution For Healthcare Managers

healthcare employee scheduling software

Healthcare employees are a diverse group with unique requirements. 24/7 shift arrangements complicate budget restrictions, and job roles magnify compliance issues. Is there one employee scheduling solution for healthcare managers that is up to the task? The answer is “Yes.” WorkforceHUB™ is the employee scheduling solution for healthcare managers. A wide array of user features…

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Automated Workforce Management: Root Out Manufacturing Inefficiency

automated workforcehub

Think your operations are running lean? If you haven’t automated workforce management, you could be much leaner. How Does Automation Reduce Inefficiency? Improve workflows Reduce time spent on non-billable tasks Data for ongoing analysis and improvement Make all employees more effective Automated Systems Are Getting More Powerful Basic automated systems combine employee time and attendance…

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Consistent Shift Scheduling Elevates Service, Employee Satisfaction

shift scheduling elevates service and employee satisfaction

Shift scheduling impacts both customer and employee satisfaction. You can dramatically improve your schedules with shift scheduling software. Improved schedules make for happy employees, and happy employees mean satisfied customers. But there’s one thing you should know… It’s impossible to optimize your scheduling using spreadsheets alone. Why? Spreadsheets don’t let you use scheduling best practices.…

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