8 ATS Software Upgrades That Revolutionized ApplicantStack

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ApplicantStack was founded nine years ago, and since that time we’ve made dozens of upgrades to our ATS software. One of the benefits of software as a system (SaaS) is that updates occur automatically. That means our end users might not immediately notice that something has improved. In honor of the many ATS software upgrades…

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Does Austin, TX Have Mandatory Sick Leave?

Does Austin, TX Have Mandatory Sick Leave? Update: On November 16, 2018, the 3rd Court of Appeals threw out Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance. The court ruled that it violates the Texas Constitution because it is preempted by the Texas Minimum Wage Act. The court returned the case to the district court and ordered the judge…

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The Best Human Resources Blogs for Recruitment Managers

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Any good recruiter or hiring manager knows that self-education is a great way to improve your skills. Having trouble sealing the deal with a superstar prospect? Can’t quite master the Facebook scene? Just want to read up on the latest and greatest in the recruiting world? These are the best human resources blogs to check…

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What Is Cloud-Based Recruitment Software?

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Updated September 22, 2022 What Is Cloud Computing? Before we dive into cloud-based recruitment software, let’s discuss cloud computing that makes it possible. A cloud in the sky is made up of tiny raindrops caught up in turbulent winds. These raindrops obscure our vision to form a cloud. The internet works similarly. The ‘droplets’ are…

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How to Attract Talent to Home Care Jobs

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The pool of applicants for home care jobs is growing exponentially – as is the demand for candidates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a job growth rate of 41% between 2016 and 2026; over one million jobs will be added to this field.  Home care jobs are growing at a more rapid rate than…

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