How Manager Feedback and Interview Evaluations Improve Hiring

interview evaluations

Learn how to standardize your interview evaluation process. This is the best way to identify best-fit talent and collaborate effectively. Candidate Evaluation Forms For Interview Feedback What is a candidate evaluation form? It’s a tool that allows members of the hiring team to rate applicants based on the same criteria. It is also called an…

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Improve Employee Scheduling to Fast Track Business Recovery: The Comprehensive Guide

employee scheduling

Updated June 24, 2021 Have you looked at your employee scheduling lately? Poor scheduling hurts your business. In fact, it decreases customer and employee satisfaction. Good employee scheduling is essential for business recovery and post-pandemic success. Companies that moved employees to remote work during lockdown are bringing teams back in phases. And some companies will…

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Small Business HR Compliance

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Small business HR compliance has never been more complex. It’s critical that small business owners understand regulations and create a culture of compliance at their organization. We will discuss the following compliance categories that apply to small business employers: Hiring Laws Family Medical Leave, COVID Leave, and Paid Time Off Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employee Classifications…

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Your Independent Contractors are Probably Employees

independent contractors

Do you employ independent contractors? Are you sure they qualify under the law? While the DOL withdrew the Independent Contractor Final Rule in the spring of 2021, employers are still bound by the duties test that has been used for decades. If you’re misclassifying, you are at risk of violating not only overtime, but many…

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Successful Return-to-Work Strategies: Symptom Checks [With WorkforceHub Timekeeping Software!]

return-to-work strategies

Updated June 2, 2021 Are you in the process of bringing your workforce back? Do you have successful return-to-work strategies? This may help: WorkforceHub employee timekeeping can present a symptom survey at clock-in. How does WorkforceHub screen for COVID-19 symptoms? As the administrator, you create custom prompts in WorkforceHub. When employees punch in, the clock-in…

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