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Whether operating around the clock using a set rotation or adjusting your staffing every day based on demand, WorkforceHub Scheduling is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.

Build schedules
that work

Great schedules achieve high attendance by a team with the right skills for each shift.


Start by finding the best fit between availability, skills, business need, and compliance rules. Give teams enough notice to avoid last minute changes and absenteeism. Then handle any unplanned absences as exceptions through a shift trade board. Simple, fast, easy.

Best fit for employees, business, compliance, fair workweek
Highest level of attendance
Lowest unplanned overtime
Easiest to backfill
Employee Scheduling Software | WorkforceHub

Publish or perish

Employee schedule adherence requires advanced notice. So do fair workweek rules. Leverage templates and automated alerts to quickly assemble compliant schedules. Provide instant online employee self-service and a change process to maximize schedule adherence.

Quick start templates
Custom rules for meals, overtime, shift length
Automated requests to speed approvals
Alerts and notifications for nimble action
Instant access, anytime, anywhere
Transparency and accountability

Quickly fill open shifts with ease

Even great schedules require tweaks sometimes. Make changes through a managed shift trade board in the HR portal. Allow employees to pick up shifts if they do not incur unplanned overtime. Moderate the board to ensure skills match, fairness, and compliance. Speed open shift assignment using a dynamic list of employees with the right skills and availability.

Proactive shift pickup process
Moderated shift trading
Dynamic list of qualified workers
(available, right skills, no overtime)
scheduling - fill open shifts fast
scheduling - Enforce Schedules Fairly

Enforce schedules fairly

Adherence is where the rubber meets the road for employee scheduling. Great schedules published with advanced notice set the stage for high attendance. Schedule enforcement through the clock provides the precision and recordkeeping required for legal compliance, proper pay for hours worked, and the prevention of unplanned overtime.

scheduling - meals and breaks


Scheduling - Early Clock-in


Scheduling - Overtime


Scheduling- Location (geofencing)


employee scheduling software | WorkforceHub

Save time and improve attendance

Create shifts that work for your teams and goals. Publish them well in advance and adjust as needed to maximize attendance. Create a work culture that promotes both work-life balance and punctuality.

Ensure coverage without overage

Reduce labor costs from overstaffing and overtime by enforcing schedules at the clock and eliminate callouts for last minute shift changes.

Workforce Scheduling Software | WorkforceHub

No guesswork, no excuses

Hold employees accountable for schedule adherence. Predictive scheduling take guessing out of work hours. The shift trade board replaces the painful callouts process with manager-approved shift dropping and pickup.

Scheduling - One step scheduling

One step scheduling

Knock out standard shifts in a fraction of the time it takes with spreadsheets. Use shift templates that automatically impose rules for overtime, shift length, skills and more.

Scheduling - manage over and under

Manage over and under

Leverage historical data and configurable scheduling limits to avoid overtime, overstaffing and understaffing.

Scheduling - schedule enforcement

Schedule enforcement

Eliminate early clock-in and meter breaks to ensure employees work expected hours and receive their full required breaks.

What others are saying about WorkforceHub’s Employee Scheduling Software

WorkforceHub Scheduling testimonial

Scott B. - Small Business Owner

This product has a lot of features for the price. You can schedule employees at multiple locations. Swap shifts, build schedules. Supervisors can schedule employees at multiple location.


Employee scheduling software is designed to automate the process of managing and creating employee schedules. It handles staffing needs, schedule optimization, and coverage tracking. This type of system can also assign shifts and include a feature that allows employees to swap shifts when necessary, removing the supervisor/manager from the equation.

Scheduling software works by taking all the data and rules, using that information to create schedules based on the parameters set by the supervisor.

Some of the key benefits of using employee scheduling software include:

  1. Simplifying the process of tracking and managing employee time
  2. Ensuring coverage at peak times
  3. Avoiding payroll errors
  4. Optimizing the cost of labor
  5. Improving employee morale and satisfaction
  6. Minimizing back-and-forth communication
  7. Reducing scheduling conflicts

One of the benefits mentioned is reducing scheduling errors and conflicts, which can create a lot of other issues in a business with shift-based employees. If employees are scheduled for shifts that don’t work with their availability, they start to get frustrated. These employees may seek employment elsewhere or impact the company morale.

By establishing parameters and rules, supervisors don’t have to worry about scheduling errors and conflicts. The system will utilize the data provided to create schedules that don’t include conflicts.

The employee scheduling functionality built into WorkforceHub can handle complex scheduling needs, including multiple locations, split shifts, and shift rotations. It’s specifically tailored to meet the needs of small business with custom rules for meals, overtime, and shift length, automated requests to speed up approvals, and alerts and notifications for nimble action. Plus, employees can access their schedules from anywhere at any time.

Scheduling within WorkforceHub can accommodate companies of all sizes operating across every industry. It allows managers to fill open shifts quickly and match availability with scheduling needs, all while maintaining transparency and accountability. You can establish custom rules and leverage templates and automated alerts for faster schedule creation.

Yes, WorkforceHub makes it easy to manage employee needs with availability, time-off requests, and shift swaps built right into the platform. All data is entered into a single solution, eliminating duplicate entry and manual errors.

A shift trade board allows employees to manage their own shift swaps without involving their supervisor. And time-off requests are accessible through the same system, ensuring that employees with approved time off aren’t scheduled for shifts during that time.

WorkforceHub is a time and labor platform designed for small business. When you utilize the scheduling tools built in, you have access to timekeeping, PTO and accruals management, and HR management, including engagement and a filing cabinet to store vital documents.

If your company has hiring needs, the talent management suite can also simplify how you find and bring on talent. You can customize WorkforceHub to suit your business and its needs.

The platform also integrates with countless payroll processing platforms, with a list that continues to grow.

WorkforceHub is a highly intuitive, user-friendly solution that anyone can use. With cloud-based access from anywhere at any time through the mobile app, employees and supervisors can get on to view the information or create new schedules with ease.

During the implementation process, you’ll work with one of our helpful customer support representatives to get up and running on the platform. We can answer your questions and ensure the proper setup.

In addition to our customer support and account management teams, we offer access to our helpful online university and Knowledge Base, both available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get answers to your questions and explore video-based resources when you need help.

Scheduling is a per-employee, per-month fee, with a one-time setup fee. Scheduling also includes time and attendance tracking with access to the mobile app. For specific pricing details customized to your business needs, contact us.


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