Manufacturing Hiring: New Challenges and Opportunities

manufacturing hiring

In today’s post, we focus on manufacturing hiring. The Great Recession took a heavy toll on this industry. U.S. production dropped 20% and 15% of manufacturing employees were laid off. Since 2008, the industry has had nowhere to go but up. Manufacturing is Thriving Despite outdated stereotypes, today the manufacturing sector is booming. In 2018,…

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The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Your Next Employee

Onboarding your perfect next employee featured image

After hiring, onboarding is one of the most important HR functions. Whether large or small, every organization should bring new employees on in a structured and efficient manner. Do onboarding well and you dramatically increase the odds that you retain top talent in your organization. You may be surprised to learn that: The cost of…

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Innovative Talent Sourcing Meets Today’s Hiring Needs

talent sourcing

The modern workplace has experienced a two-fold transformation that affects talent sourcing. Namely, a sharp increase in both non-traditional employees and non-traditional working arrangements It’s not surprising that technology is at the heart of this shift. It has both driven the sea change while adapting to its effects. There are no losers here. Companies grow…

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Does Your Employee Timekeeping App Have Geofencing?

geofencing for mobile employees

Need to track offsite employees? Looking at mobile time tracking systems? Mobile time and attendance apps help you track team members wherever they are working. Employees use a smartphone or tablet to clock in from any location. The app is synced with (or a part of) the time and attendance system. Companies with home health…

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How Can You Improve Your Job Requisition Approval Process?

job requisition

Improve your hiring outcomes by improving your job requisition process. Let’s discuss how. What’s a Job Requisition? When a department manager needs to hire a new employee, they submit a job requisition. A job requisition starts the hiring process. With the requisition, the department manager asks for approval for the new employee. If the requisition…

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Why Is HR Software Better Than Excel?

Excel for HR

Microsoft Excel is the go-to software for data organization. It’s been this way for decades. Human Resources involves copious amounts of data. Thus, anyone who works in HR needs Excel skills. The following HR positions require advanced Excel proficiency: HR Analyst Compensation and Benefits Manager HRIS Analyst HR Reporting Manager Corporate Recruiter Talent Analytics Manager…

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The Best Time Tracking Apps For Non-Profits

non-profit time tracking apps

Tracking employee and volunteer time accurately is crucial for efficient operations. Non-profits that are tracking time manually should consider a convenient mobile timekeeping app. Haven’t Checked Out Time Tracking Software Lately? Modern cloud-based apps are far easier to use than first generation premise-based timekeeping software. First off, the mobile versions can be used on a…

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