Why Nonprofits Need Automated Time and Attendance

time and attendance and scheduling for nonprofit

Time tracking and employee scheduling are often thought of as profit-driven necessities. Nonprofit organizations need to track hours, too. We also need to schedule employees and volunteers in the most efficient way possible. It’s what we do. Automated scheduling and mobile time tracking are critical for today’s healthy nonprofit. Here’s why… What Is A Nonprofit…

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You May Be Optimizing Only 5 Percent Of Your Labor Force

SwipeClock Workforce Optimization

Gallup conducted a study on workforce optimization. They looked at the ways businesses can optimize workforce productivity. The study determined that high-performing employees shared three specific traits. Those traits are: talent for their specific job role, tenure of more than a decade, and engagement in their work. Employees who combine these three traits are usually…

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Optimize Employee Scheduling With Demand Forecasting

employee schedule forecasting

If you’re still using a spreadsheet to manage employee scheduling, you’re falling behind. Competition in today’s marketplace demands you run a tight ship. Automated employee scheduling can help keep your business from crossing over narrow margins. Automated Data-driven Schedule Forecasting Forecasting your employee schedule can be tricky without scheduling apps. Spreadsheets can only help you…

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Your Employees May Be Tracking Time Better Than You Are

SwipeClock automated time and attendance

Are you tracking time and attendance accurately? If not, someone else may be doing it. And that someone may be one of your employees. If you don’t have a reliable employee timekeeping system, you are at risk of a wage and hour lawsuit. Employees Can Track Time With a Free App From The Department of…

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How to Hire the Best Home Care Aides

hire home care aides

When an agency wants to hire home care aides who will be most successful, what should it look for in its applicants? In-home care providers play a unique role in their clients’ lives. They have a major impact on a person’s quality of life, but don’t typically have a part in health care decisions. The work…

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Five Steps to Seamlessly Manage Multiple Timesheets

As your business grows, it becomes more cumbersome to manage time cards for multiple employees.  Time spend converting timesheets to payroll systems increases. Frustrations and mistakes arise. This can be exasperated when there are multiple locations to collect timesheet information from. However, there are 5 main things your HR or Payroll departments can do to…

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