Improve Hospitality Hiring to Decrease Employee Turnover and Elevate The Guest Experience

hospitality hiring

The thriving hospitality industry includes hotels, casinos, resorts, and restaurants. Recruitment has never been more important in this sector. Here are some critical facts about the hospitality industry: Hospitality has an employee turnover rate of over 70% Brand loyalty has disappeared Technology has made it easier for small companies to compete What implications does this…

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8 Reasons To Make Attendance Tracking A Priority—Even For Salaried Employees

Attendance Tracking | TimeWorksExpress

Is employee attendance tracking irrelevant for salaried employees? Absolutely not. Let’s discuss why a timekeeping system and attendance tracking is crucial for business success, regardless of how employees are paid. First off, what is an attendance tracking system? An employee attendance tracking system (or app) automates timecards, shift schedules, and PTO. Small employers have moved…

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What to Know Before Getting a CPA For Your Business


Are you setting up the financial operations for your business? Wondering who to hire? In today’s post, we discuss how to outsource accounting. Even for a small business, financial structuring isn’t cut and dried. You’ve got taxes, payroll, and client billing. You might have business loans and equipment leasing. But accounting is critical to get…

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Best Project Management Software For A Small Business

best project management software

Capable project management is key to achieving business objectives. Yet few teams believe they are successful. Expressed in starker terms: few teams believe they do their work well. Choosing the best project management software can help improve your outcomes. Project management software allows you to organize, track, assign, and visualize project tasks and timelines. This…

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A Franchise Expert’s Guide to Hiring Franchise Employees

franchise hiring

Let’s talk about hiring franchise employees. Establishing a profitable franchise doesn’t happen by chance. You have to carefully follow the proven business model. Recruiting is an essential component. Here are three critical tips for hiring franchise employees. 1. Learn Recruitment Best Practices Forget gut instincts. You can’t wing it when it comes to hiring. Learn…

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New Business Owner? Avoid 3 Hiring Mistakes That Can Doom Your Startup

avoid hiring mistakes

Recruiting professionals understand how critical it is to avoid hiring mistakes. Especially right after launching your business. Assembling a capable team can mean the difference between success and failure. Your new hires create critical foundational processes. You need employees with the skills, experience, and ideas to execute your vision. Your startup team will mentor future…

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Identify Your Wish List When Evaluating ATS Tools

ATS tools

There are plenty of sophisticated hiring and onboarding platforms. If you are shopping for an applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s helpful to identify which ATS tools are important to your company. Here are 6 ATS tools to consider. 1. Pre-Screening Questionnaires Improving time-to-hire is only possible if you automate repetitive hiring tasks. Pre-screening questionnaires perform…

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The Best Resources for Learning About Bookkeeping/Taxes for Your Business

small business bookkeeping and taxes

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Today’s post explores resources for learning about bookkeeping/taxes. Everyone has to start somewhere. Unless you are starting an accounting business, bookkeeping is probably not your expertise. Entrepreneurs need affordable, easy-to-use resources to learn these necessary functions. You’ve probably explored the internet. You can find articles on every conceivable business topic. There…

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Payroll-Based Journal for Skilled Nursing Facilities Essential Guide for Streamlining Compliance

PBJ 2019 Cover Image

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires skilled nursing facilities to report staffing hours quarterly. This requirement stems from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and pertains to long-term facilities participating in Medicare and whose primary role is nursing care. The requirements are spelled out in 42 CFR Part 483 and ACA Section 6106.…

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Employee Timekeeping Apps Increase Profitability For Home Health Agencies

If you own a home health agency, you understand the challenges of timekeeping for home health employees. Home Health Timekeeping Challenges Managing a home health agency is not for the faint of heart. It requires commitment, high-level organizational skills, and considerable business acumen. If done well, however, it can highly be rewarding—both professionally and financially.…

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