Do You Need to Update Your Time Tracking Software?

Update your time tracking software with SwipeClock

Who? What? When? Where? Why? These are the questions every business should be able to answer with their employee time tracking software. The 5 W’s of Workforce Management The importance of establishing “who,” “what,” when,” “where,” and “why” is Workforce Management 101.  The 5 W’s affect labor budgets, workflow efficiency, employee productivity, and recordkeeping compliance.…

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Employee Benefits Enrollment Software: Boost ROI This Year

employee benefits enrollment software

Does your HR toolkit contain employee benefits enrollment software? If not, you aren’t getting the benefits of your benefits. (Pun very much intended.) You choose benefits packages carefully because you want to attract high performers. After compensation, benefits are the second most important consideration for job seekers. Benefits and wages also account for the biggest…

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The Best Way to Track Employee Hours (Hourly & Salaried)

employee timekeeping

Tracking employee hours correctly is essential for payroll, compliance and growth. After all, you can’t have a business without paying your employees. In addition, tracking hours allows you to bill your clients and tie employee time to specific projects. At a broader level, it helps you understand how your labor dollars are spent. What’s the…

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Employee Engagement Ideas for Your Small Business

employee engagement ideas

Looking for employee engagement ideas? Check out what these employers are doing. Employee Engagement Ideas From 6 Great Places to Work 1. Chile’s The restaurant chain ditched their “no visible tattoos” dress code policy. Plus, the company president does Facebook live videos with employees. They share and discuss both positive and negative company reviews from…

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