California Sick Leave Law Tips for Staying Compliant

California Sick Leave Law

Compliance with the California Sick Leave Law requires five important Steps. Employers must be in compliance with the California Sick Leave Law or face stiff fines and penalties. There are several important steps that a business must take to be fully compliant with the laws. This article is designed to give an easy and quick…

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California Sick Leave Law Employee Exceptions

exceptions to sick leave law include construction workers

California Sick Leave Law Employee Exceptions Employees in California are now entitled to paid sick leave. However, there are a few exclusions from the law. This article is aimed at covering the California Sick Leave Law Employee Exceptions. It also covers when sick leave starts for these employees. What is the California Sick Leave Law?…

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California Sick Leave Law Q&A

California Sick Leave Law FAQ

How does the new Sick Leave Law impact Employers? On July 1, 2015, the new California sick leave law took effect. The new sick leave law places several requirements on businesses. This article is intended to provide a comprehensive resource for human resource personnel and payroll managers who want to make sure that their company…

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Compliance with the New Federal Overtime Rules; Important Steps

Changes to the Overtime Laws Business owners are anxiously working to meet the quickly approaching deadline on December 1,  so that they can meet compliance with the new Federal Overtime Rules. Managers are analyzing what additional resources and tools will need to be put in place. Tools to time track employees now covered by overtime…

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Hiring Interns under the new Federal Overtime Laws and FLSA

Looking at Hiring Interns? Interns can provide great value to businesses including new perspectives, an extra set of hands, and an opportunity to vet out new employees. Yet, hiring interns is more complicated than opening an unpaid job up for a college student. There are several things that businesses should be aware of and make…

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Federal Overtime for Wilderness may put the Outdoors Out of Business.

Overtime for Wilderness tours on the Grand Canyon may make expenses higher than allowed fees on Federal Land

When President Obama signed the new overtime law into place with the logo “Give America a Raise” he may have signed the wilderness into bankruptcy. He created a large “catch all” law and ignoring the uniqueness of each industry. Thus, he may have made it impossible for outdoor excursion companies to remain in business. Overtime for…

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Ad Agencies, New Overtime Laws: Preparing for the New Federal Overtime Rules

The advertising industry is an industry that has long sold people the vision of hope, dreams, and fulfillment. However, for many advertising agencies, survival is only by the narrowest of margins. In this highly competitive, brutally critical industry, advertising agencies often only survive by razor-thin margins while facing pressure from clients to lower their fees.…

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