Mobile Workforce Management [The Essential Guide For Small Business]

Table of Contents What is Mobile Workforce Management? Five Must-Have Features of Mobile Workforce Management Forward Thinking Employers Have Mobile-First HR Run Your Small Business With Your Phone? A Guide To Scheduling Apps Time Tracking Apps for Virtual Teams (8 Surprising Benefits) What is Mobile Workforce Management? Mobile workforce management encompasses the following: Managers and…

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Human Resources Management for Small Business

Human Resources management

Effective Human Resources management should be a priority. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers. Don’t assume that your business can thrive if you take a haphazard approach. What is the Goal of Human Resources Management? Help employees feel valued and respected Promote unity and sense of common purpose…

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Healthcare HR: 3 Solutions To Implement Now

healthcare HR

The Essential Guide to Healthcare Workforce Management Healthcare Human Resources teams face daunting challenges every day. Tough problems call for smart solutions. Here’s an in-depth guide to help you face those challenges head-on. We’ll look at how the latest HR software helps hospitals, clinics, and home health services proactively solve HR problems. Table of Contents…

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Employee Engagement Activities: 3 Critical Steps

employee engagement activities

For successful employee engagement activities, do these 3 things first: 1. Map the employee journey 2. Conduct ‘stay’ interviews 3. Automate HR When you’ve completed these steps, you will know how to structure your engagement programs. 1. Map The Employee Journey Before Creating Employee Engagement Activities The starting point is the employee journey. The employee…

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7 Underutilized Ways To Extract Maximum Value From Your ATS

extract maximum value from your ATS

Did you choose an ATS because of one or two outstanding features? Great! Now you’ve tamed a couple processes. Increase ATS ROI Are you using all the other tools as well? If not, you are leaving ROI on the table. Here are 7 commonly overlooked ATS (applicant tracking system) features. Are you taking advantage of…

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7 Employee Engagement Strategies [For EVERY Small Business]

employee engagement strategies

Reading Time: 4 Minutes. Use these 7 straightforward employee engagement strategies to grow your business. Employee engagement isn’t merely the latest HR trend. It’s an urgent necessity. And you need to be proactive! Employee Engagement Strategies for Small Business Before we explain the strategies, here are two preliminary steps. First: Define Goals Engagement involves a…

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ApplicantStack: Why Is It The Best Choice For Hire By Google Customers?

google hire

Are you a Hire by Google user? You’ve probably heard the news and need a new recruiting and applicant tracking solution. ApplicantStack is our top-rated applicant tracking system. It enables you to post your next job, find the best candidate and hire them before your competition. Quickly and easily. ApplicantStack includes everything you love in…

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Human Resources Management: What Is an HRMS?


Choosing enterprise Human Resources software can be overwhelming. There seems to be more options than ever before. And choice overload doesn’t help. In today’s post, we look at a platform that does it all: HRMS (Human Resources Management System), sometimes called HRIS (Human Resources Information System). What is an HRMS? HRMS is an umbrella term…

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Stay Compliant With Hiring Laws As Your Workforce Grows

hiring laws

$10.5 million. That’s what it cost Bass Pro Outdoor World to settle an EEOC case in 2017. Bass agreed to pay a class of Hispanic and African-American applicants who claimed they weren’t hired based on their race. The EEOC agreed. As part of the settlement, the EEOC ordered Bass to proactively increase diversity hiring. The…

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