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According to Fast Company, up to 95% of companies admit to recruiting the wrong candidates. Post strategically and stop making hiring mistakes.

Post to JobTarget job boards in WorkforceHub ATS

One sign-on for 25,000+ job boards

Easily post to social media and your careers pages

Quickly see which job boards perform the best

Leverage JobTarget algorithms to find the ideal boards for your open jobs

Integration with Indeed


Search hundreds of resume databases.

Through one intuitive interface, delve into resume databases and compare candidates.

JobTarget job posting software also has powerful AI that can identify the best boards for each of your open jobs. Leverage JobTarget algorithms for strategic job posting that will ultimately improve your hiring outcomes.

Job Target Integration

With the WorkforceHub JobTarget integration, you will attract applicants faster and with less effort. Find higher quality talent that will propel your business now and in the future.

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Job boards and job aggregators are central to the recruiting ecosystem because direct applicants make up 48% of all hires."

— HR Technology News

Premium & Niche Job Boards

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College job boards

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State job banks

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Diversity boards

With just a few clicks, you can improve recruiting by posting to curated, premium job boards that outstanding applicants visit every day.


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