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According to Fast Company, up to 95% of companies admit to recruiting the wrong candidates. Post strategically and stop making hiring mistakes.

Post to JobTarget job boards in WorkforceHub ATS

One sign-on for 25,000+ job boards

Easily post to social media and your careers pages

Quickly see which job boards perform the best

Leverage JobTarget algorithms to find the ideal boards for your open jobs

Integration with Indeed

Integration with Indeed

Search hundreds of resume databases.

Through one intuitive interface, delve into resume databases and compare candidates.

JobTarget job posting software also has powerful AI that can identify the best boards for each of your open jobs. Leverage JobTarget algorithms for strategic job posting that will ultimately improve your hiring outcomes.

Job Target Integration

With the WorkforceHub JobTarget integration, you will attract applicants faster and with less effort. Find higher quality talent that will propel your business now and in the future.

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Job boards and job aggregators are central to the recruiting ecosystem because direct applicants make up 48% of all hires."

— HR Technology News

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With just a few clicks, you can improve recruiting by posting to curated, premium job boards that outstanding applicants visit every day.


Job boards are online platforms that connect jobseekers with employers that have open positions. A hiring manager can create an account with each individual job board and upload listings manually or utilize an applicant-tracking system that integrates with top sites.

When an employer adds an open role to a job board, all users of that platform can see it. They can view additional details about the open position, including qualifications, skills, and other pertinent information, and submit an application.

There are various job boards, each with its own pros and cons. Some are more focused on a specific niche of the workforce, such as healthcare or tech job boards. Others are general, attracting jobseekers with experience in various industries.

Some of the most highly utilized job boards are Indeed and LinkedIn. According to estimates, over 500 million unique visitors accessed Indeed in December 2023.

The key benefits of using job boards include:

  • Improved efficiency: Automating your recruiting efforts streamlines the process and can help reduce the time spent on hiring
  • Wider reach: Since millions of people visit job boards regularly and have alerts set up for related roles, your company can reach a wider audience of potentially qualified individuals when seeking to hire
  • Targeted recruiting: Advanced filter, search, and notification options help employers find and reach out to the best matches
  • Additional services: Some job board sites offer enhanced services, such as employer branding tools or sponsoring, which further increases the reach

Optimizing job postings often involves adding relevant keywords and phrases and ensuring the accuracy of all information presented. Additionally, choosing to sponsor job posts can get them in front of more people.

The hiring and recruiting tools built into WorkforceHub offer access to templates, which you can reuse whenever a related position becomes available. Relying on templates and other resources can speed up the hiring process and ensure accuracy.

All job postings must be in compliance with equal opportunity employment regulations and labor laws. Employers may not discriminate against specific individuals or groups, specifically those that maintain a protected status (race, color, religion, sex/gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation).


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