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"Thank you very much for your help. When I submit help request tickets to other companies the person who responds typically does not appear to have even half of your enthusiasm or willingness to help. I thank you very much for your team’s excellent support–this is how customers should be treated!”

A more personal hiring experience

Why do job seekers abandon their applications?

A top reason is poor communication. Many hiring teams can’t keep applicants informed of their status, regardless of their best intentions. With automated, personalized emails and in-application texting, you can update each candidate as often as needed.

Applicant tracking | Applicant Management Software
applicant tracking - Forget the bells and whistles

Forget the bells and whistles

Unlike some overly -complicated hiring software, WorkforceHub ATS doesn’t distract you from your job.

Our applicant management software makes your job easier and your team more efficient, even if you do high-volume hiring. WorkforceHub ATS tools are exactly what you need—not bells and whistles you have to manage.

An easier way to hire

Higher quality hires

Top candidates are on the market only 10 days. Yet the average time-to-hire is over 35. A faster process can improve quality-of-hire because the quickest companies have first dibs on the most qualified talent.

Applicant tracking - An easier way to hire

Minimize compliance risks

Manual processes and disparate systems make you more vulnerable to violations. WorkforceHub ATS has flexible tools that help you comply with the alphabet soup of hiring regulations.

Let WorkforceHub ATS automation do what it does best.

This allows you to do what you do best–give friendly, personal attention to your top applicants. Workforce applicant management software doesn’t eliminate face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) communication. It simply enables you to automate where it makes sense while freeing up your time to engage personally with a carefully-selected pool of best-fit applicants. Strategic talent acquisition artfully combines person-to-person interaction and intelligent automation.

Applicant tracking - Let your applicants self filter

Let your applicants self-filter with elimination questions and weighted scoring

Applicant tracking - Post to job boards

Post to job boards and social media with single sign-on

applicant tracking - Save time with templates

Save time with templates, workflows and task reminders

Applicant Tracking- hire like the big guns

Hire like the big guns without spending the big bucks

Applicant tracking - Use candidate scorecards to improve interview evaluation

Use candidate scorecards to improve interview evaluation

What others are saying about WorkforceHub’s Applicant Management Software?

WorkforceHub Applicant Tracking Solution

Meagan A. - HR Manager

Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!

 Applicant Tracking WorkforceHub Solution

Cathy - SR. Administrative Manager

Solid, dependable software, it does what we need it to do. Excellent customer service. Thank you!


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Looking for log-in help? Please reach out to your HR or payroll manager.

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