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A more personal hiring experience

Why do job seekers abandon their applications?

A top reason is poor communication. Many hiring teams can’t keep applicants informed of their status, regardless of their best intentions. With automated, personalized emails and in-application texting, you can update each candidate as often as needed.

Applicant tracking | Applicant Management Software
applicant tracking - Forget the bells and whistles

Forget the bells and whistles

Unlike some overly -complicated hiring software, WorkforceHub ATS doesn’t distract you from your job.

Our applicant management software makes your job easier and your team more efficient, even if you do high-volume hiring. WorkforceHub ATS tools are exactly what you need—not bells and whistles you have to manage.

An easier way to hire

Higher quality hires

Top candidates are on the market only 10 days. Yet the average time-to-hire is over 35. A faster process can improve quality-of-hire because the quickest companies have first dibs on the most qualified talent.

Applicant tracking - An easier way to hire

Minimize compliance risks

Manual processes and disparate systems make you more vulnerable to violations. WorkforceHub ATS has flexible tools that help you comply with the alphabet soup of hiring regulations.

Fuel Your Candidate Pipeline with Texting

Being able to reach top candidates efficiently and quickly and doing so in a manner most used by society as a whole is priority #1 in today's fast-paced, highly competitive hiring environment.

Here are just a few reasons using WorkforceHub's texting features within Applicant Tracking will set your hiring team up for success today and in the weeks, months and years to come:

recruitment texting

Let WorkforceHub ATS automation do what it does best.

This allows you to do what you do best–give friendly, personal attention to your top applicants. Workforce applicant management software doesn’t eliminate face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) communication. It simply enables you to automate where it makes sense while freeing up your time to engage personally with a carefully-selected pool of best-fit applicants. Strategic talent acquisition artfully combines person-to-person interaction and intelligent automation.

Applicant tracking - Let your applicants self filter

Let your applicants self-filter with elimination questions and weighted scoring

Applicant tracking - Post to job boards

Post to job boards and social media with single sign-on

applicant tracking - Save time with templates

Save time with templates, workflows and task reminders

Applicant Tracking- hire like the big guns

Hire like the big guns without spending the big bucks

Applicant tracking - Use candidate scorecards to improve interview evaluation

Use candidate scorecards to improve interview evaluation

What others are saying about WorkforceHub’s Applicant Management Software?

WorkforceHub Applicant Tracking Solution

Meagan A. - HR Manager

Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!

Applicant Tracking WorkforceHub Solution

Cathy - SR. Administrative Manager

Solid, dependable software, it does what we need it to do. Excellent customer service. Thank you!


An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you organize and sift through candidates more efficiently while keeping track of all applications, requirement and notes. This type of system can also support communication with candidates and aid in analyzing skills and experience to identify good fits.

For small businesses, an ATS can level the playing field with larger companies that invest in their hiring and recruiting processes. Using an ATS, a business can cast a wider net, getting open positions in front of a larger pool of candidates and attracting top talent.

Some of the key features and functionalities of an applicant tracking system to consider include:

  1. Posting integrations with major job boards
  2. Templates
  3. Automated and streamlined candidate messaging
  4. Candidate management
  5. Filters
  6. Reporting and analytics
  7. Onboarding

Using an applicant tracking system can help your organization source candidates that are ideal fits for open positions. Additionally, it can get open roles in front of more people, allowing you to choose from a wider pool of talented individuals to find the right fit.

Beyond the functional tools used to share open roles and manage candidates, an ATS can also support future hiring efforts. When your company needs to see how long it takes to fill an open position, on average, that data is readily accessible. You can eliminate the time-consuming task of creating new job descriptions by utilizing templates and saved details.

The applicant-tracking system built into WorkforceHub works seamlessly with the other features in the solution, including time and labor tracking, scheduling, and HR functionality. When a candidate comes through the hiring system, their information is shared throughout. You don’t have to enter them as a new employee or input their information multiple times.

WorkforceHub also integrates with many of the top payroll platforms, ensuring that all time and labor data transfers efficiently to eliminate manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors. View a list of integrations here.

The benefits of an ATS for an employer are extensive. Small businesses can compete for top talent without a full hiring team or large recruiting budget. All information is accessible in one place, improving the hiring flow and response times. It’s easier to find and hire qualified candidates when you can cast a wider net and reach more potential applicants.

For job seekers, an ATS can also simplify the hiring process. After they input their information to apply for an open role, that data remains in the WorkforceHub system for accuracy and efficiency.

Each ATS has its own level of customization, but WorkforceHub is highly customizable and can grow with your business. The system is agile, responsive, user-friendly, and connected, allowing business owners to manage the mission-critical tasks with ease. It’s built for, tailored to, and priced for small business employers, connecting hiring, timekeeping, scheduling, and HR within a single unified solution.

The drawbacks of using an ATS are minimal. Depending on the solution you choose, the implementation process may be challenging or drawn-out. But WorkforceHub is easy to use and includes an efficient implementation procedure.

Some employers dislike the automation of communication, which can take away from the personal feel of staying in touch with applicants. Since the hiring tools in WorkforceHub allow for text-based communication, you can personalize each message and reach candidates where they are – on their phones.

If an ATS filters through candidates and rejects those that don’t meet the pre-specified qualifications, it may not allow potentially qualified individuals to move through the process.

The security of applicant data and information within an ATS depends on each individual platform.

When you choose to partner with Swipeclock for your hiring solution, you entrust us with the security of your workforce data. That is something we don't take lightly. Starting the moment you first input information, our security protocols encrypt your data in transit and at rest. All data within Swipeclock products is hosted in the United States in a state-of-the-art secure data center. Additionally, to provide an extra layer of security we also use a combination of services hosted in the leading Cloud providers.

WorkforceHub is a highly user-friendly platform that allows for easy adoption and ongoing usage. Current users state that it is “highly intuitive” and “easy to use for recruiters and new hires.”

Candidates also appreciate the ease of use. Job listings and application pages are easy to read and utilize, with all information clearly presented.

WorkforceHub Plus requires a per-employee, per-month fee, with a one-time setup fee. It also includes time and attendance tracking with access to the mobile app, scheduling, benefits enrollment, custom workflows, and other features. For specific pricing details customized to your business needs, click here or contact us directly. We also offer a free trial.


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