Start the New Year with a Commitment to the Employee Experience

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As a small business owner, you may not give a lot of thought to the experience of each employee within your organization. After all, you probably have a lot of other tasks on your to-do list, including growing your business. But what you may not realize is that failing to consider the experience of every employee can lead to higher turnover rates and lower morale. Explore the value of creating a better employee experience for the new year and tips to improve it within your company.

What is the Employee Experience?

Also called EX, the employee experience refers to the aspects of each individual team member’s interactions with their workplace. It begins during the hiring and onboarding process, when a potential new hire learns more about the organization overall, the role and responsibilities, and the people they’ll interact with on a regular basis.

EX is like the sum total of a journey with a company, encompassing everything from the culture to their relationships with others, the physical work environment to the opportunities for development and professional growth. While many employers invest in the experience when seeking to hire, fewer focus on it after a new hire has been brought on board. Unfortunately, failing to invest in the employee experience can impact employee retention and satisfaction.

Why Does an Employee’s Experience Matter?

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The experience each employee has with your company matters for a few key reasons. The first is the impact on morale and overall satisfaction, which play a major role in retention. A positive experience also serves the company when seeking to attract top talent to fill open positions. Organizations that prioritize a fulfilling and supportive atmosphere are more likely to retain star employees and attract new people who want to work there.

The company culture is also a factor when determining whether to invest in the employee experience. The two concepts go hand-in-hand, as a strong and supportive culture puts the needs of the employee first. Additionally, a positive company culture can boost mental and physical well-being for employees, which reduces burnout and stress.

Making the employee experience a priority benefits each member of the team, as well as the organization as a whole. Taking this step is a strategic investment in the cultivation of a loyal, happy and motivated workforce.

What Creates a Better Employee Experience?

According to a recent survey conducted by BetterUp, a positive employee experience generally includes three key components:

  • A focus on each employee’s well-being
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Support for hybrid schedules/flexibility

4 Tips to Improve the Employee Experience

Now that you understand the importance of a positive employee experience, check out these four tips to create a more supportive atmosphere in your workplace.

Emphasize the importance of inclusive leadership

The actions and behaviors of company leaders are directly tied to the employee experience. This is especially true of direct managers, as these individuals interact with employees regularly. Striving for improved inclusion from the top down makes a significant difference in creating a more supportive and positive experience for every member of the team.

Focus on the well-being of employees

Employee Time and Attendance

Employee well-being remains an essential consideration in workplaces that prioritize the overall experience. The pandemic redefined this aspect of EX, particularly with a renowned focus on physical health, but mental health support still has room for improvement in many workplaces. By enhancing your employee wellness program (or offering such a program), you can provide better support to those who need it.

Offer flexibility when possible

Approximately a third of workers surveyed reported that they would quit their jobs rather than having to return to the office full time. The option for hybrid schedules can play a significant role in the overall experience among employees whose roles align with working from home.

When offering flexibility in work locations, make sure to think about how remote and hybrid employees can continue to feel included. Maintain communication and provide access to tools that allow for collaboration across teams.

Improve opportunities for learning and development

Another key aspect of a positive experience is the opportunity to advance. Professional learning and development can support employees’ goals, as well as give them the chance to look at their careers and aims in ways they haven’t in the past. When you have growth-minded employees, your organization needs to support them with L&D, or they will likely look elsewhere for employment.

Implementing these four tips can make a big difference in your organization’s overall employee experience. Another strategy for boosting the EX is offering modern solutions that simplify everyday tasks, such as tracking time and managing schedules.

Check out WorkforceHub to explore the features and functionality that make it easier to manage your workforce and deliver a positive experience to every member of the team.

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Simplify HR management today.

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