One size doesn't always fit all.

Having worked with countless clients in various industries, we understand.
That's why we've crafted an HR software solution configurable for the unique needs of your industry.

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Manage your HR tasks with confidence.

Everyone benefits from efficient and effective hiring, scheduling, timekeeping, and compliance. Employees get best-fit schedules and pay transparency. Managers build great teams in less time and achieve better outcomes. Bottom line? The business achieves increased productivity and higher workforce morale.

Tailored to your needs

Every industry and company have singular forces that make running Human Resources different. To deliver on the unique aspects of your industry, your HR software solution needs to configure to meet your needs. Let's show you how we tailor WorkforceHub to fit your business type and industry.

why - manufacturing


Effective scheduling and accurate timekeeping help keep labor costs under control.

why - food and hospitality

Food & Beverage

Fill shifts in seconds with drag-and-drop scheduling templates and set manager alerts for missed punches.

why - healthcare


Create adjustable schedules and reduce burnout by easily reassigning shifts when employees need time off.

why - agriculture


Employees can access their work schedule, PTO accruals and paystubs on a mobile device.

why - construction


Eliminate unplanned overtime with scheduling rules and proactive threshold warnings.

why - professional services

Professional Services

Unify timekeeping for hybrid teams, stop losing billable time and sync PTO and scheduling.


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