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Regardless of the type of business you are in, your HR department is in the business of paperwork.


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The documents start piling up during hiring and onboarding. Applications, assessments, tax and benefit forms. Going forward, there are timesheets, paystubs, certifications, and performance reviews–just to name a few.

WorkforceHub's HR File Cabinet is an efficiency breakthrough for small businesses that need a better HR document management solution.

Organize your documents. Organize your business.

Improve efficiency

Provide employee self-service

Gain data security peace of mind

Scheduling - One step scheduling

HR processes are well-defined, making them uniquely suited to automation. HR File Cabinet is a single source of truth for all your company’s Human Resources data.

Scheduling - manage over and under

Filing cabinets don’t cut it anymore. Use WorkforceHub’s HR File Cabinet to digitally store and manage every document and file you need. Save trees (and your sanity).

Scheduling - schedule enforcement

Employees can manage their data including W4, direct deposit and address at any time, from any connected device. This frees up HR and managers to focus on core business objectives.

How can WorkforceHub’s HR File Cabinet help my business?

Increase employee satisfaction with self-service HR

Manage efficiently with search tools, real-time updates & e-sign

Be eco-responsible with paperless Human Resources

Speed up workflows and reduce time on non-billable tasks


WorkforceHub takes care of business.

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