How Your Small Business HR Strategy Can Help You Scale

small business hr strategy

By Grace Lau, Director of Growth Content, Dialpad Startups and small businesses are all about speed and agility. As we’ll see, a little bit of investment into a small business HR strategy now will make scaling your business so much easier in the long term. You don’t necessarily need to hire a full-time employee. There…

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How Manager Feedback and Interview Evaluations Improve Hiring

Interview feedback and evaluations

If you aren’t using candidate evaluation forms, you aren’t collaborating effectively. Even worse, you might be missing the best candidates. Candidate Evaluation Forms For Interview Feedback What is a candidate evaluation form? It’s a tool that allows members of the hiring team to rate applicants based on the same criteria. It is also called an…

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How to Write an Effective Job Description

job description

A job description explains the duties and responsibilities of a job and the qualifications needed. A good job description can entice a job seeker to apply. Conversely, a poorly-written or confusing description can discourage a candidate from applying. The benefits of writing an effective job description A well written job description will: Help attract the…

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How to Manage PTO for Remote Workers [Updated for 2022]


Remote work is quickly becoming the norm. In fact, according to a recent Swipeclock survey, 55% of small businesses are now remote. For many companies large and small, work from home may become a permanent option. Why the change in attitude about remote work? For one thing, there are continuing COVID safety concerns. For example,…

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10 Dynamic Employee Onboarding Ideas

employee onboarding

For many companies, a new year might mean that there’s an opportunity to hire new employees. While initially exciting, recruiting can be an exhausting process, and interviewing can feel tedious. By the time those processes are “over” (are they ever really over?), it’s not unlikely that hiring managers would leave the thoughts of employee onboarding…

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Defining Your Workforce Management Strategy

SwipeClock Workforce Management Planning

Jumpstart Your Workforce Planning At the beginning of every year, workforce planning starts at the top of the list. Within weeks, our high hopes for a new and effective plan fall apart. The demands of daily emergencies compete for our attention. We can prevent most of those emergencies if we have a good plan in…

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Survey: 80% of Orgs Have Timekeeping, But Lack PTO and Scheduling Features

employee timekeeping survey

Though 80% of the small businesses surveyed by Swipeclock have a timekeeping solution, many reported their solution lacks the scheduling and PTO management features that small business employers need. Employers are finding that their current time solution isn’t keeping up with the growing demands and changing conditions. New Employee Scheduling and PTO Challenges For example,…

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