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Employee Management

Manually Add Employees

Discover the four simple ways to add employees, starting with the seamless manual add. Get started adding employees today.

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Time & Attendance

Managing Time Cards

Give managers the tools needs to become timecard wizards. Learn the ins and out of all that WorkforceHub's timecard manager can do for your team.

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Managing Time Off

Discover how managers can perform routine tasks, like approving and denying time-off requests, directly in WorkforceHub

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Employee Management

Add Employees through Onboarding

Looking to level-up your Onboarding experience? Learn how WorkforceHub automates the new hire process with workflows—allowing employees to complete their paperwork electronically.

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Mobile App

Mobile App for Managers

From editing timecard data to approving time-off and more, discover how WorkforceHub's mobile app can perform many of the tasks needed by managers.

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Payroll Review

Learn how WorkforceHub's Payroll Review simplifies the verification of timecard data, finalizes the pay period and exports a file for payroll.

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