Lowering The Biggest Costs When Re-Starting Your Small Business

the biggest costs when starting your small business

Updated May 5, 2021 Worried about overhead as you re-open? If you can lower expenses, you will have more cash for other important things. Refreshed digital marketing, perhaps. Or upgrading your workplace for OSHA COVID compliance. Some companies are even offering their employees a COVID vaccine incentive. Where will you find the money? The best…

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HR as a Small Business Hero

hr strategy

See Trish Stromberg’s latest article on LinkedIn: HR as a Small Business Hero Small businesses are facing formidable challenges on many fronts. Wise executives will tap the expertise of Human Resources and provide the tools they need to add strategic value. In Trish Stromberg’s latest article, learn how HR can: Increase profit margins starting with…

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Best HRMS For Small Business

best hrms for small business

HRMS Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All Looking for the best HRMS for small business? A small business isn’t a mini-me of an enterprise company. Indeed, operating a small business is vastly different. Employees fill multiple roles. Margins are generally a lot smaller. Keeping consistent cash flow is an ever-present challenge. In fact, millions of small business owners are…

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9 Small Business Tax Deductions You Need to Know

small business tax deductions

Small business tax deductions and write-offs are too important to overlook. To take advantage of small business tax deductions: Keep good records Hire a tax accountant Pay attention to deadlines Let’s discuss 9 categories of small business tax write-offs. Note that there is some overlap. 9 Small Business Tax Deductions 1. Business Vehicles Does your…

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How To Manage PTO For Remote Workers [Updated for 2020]


Remote work is relatively new to many companies. It may not have started out as a choice, but according to two recent MIT surveys, about half of the entire American workforce is now remote. For many companies large and small, work from home may become a permanent option. Why the change in attitude about remote…

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7 Critical Reasons Even (Very) Small Businesses Need Online Timesheets

online timesheets TimeWorksExpress

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Haven’t upgraded to online timesheets? Think your company is too small? You might not realize how much paper timesheets are costing you. And it’s not just money. Manual time tracking makes you less efficient at running your business. Key Considerations When Thinking About Online Timesheets Is your current system accurate, or…

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Small Business Management: Books, Apps & Tools + Business Partnership Advice

small business

Welcome to the Swipeclock guide to small business management. This guide is for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners. Table of Contents The Best Small Business Management Software for 2020 Accounting Project Management Inventory Management PTO Management App Recommendations From the Reddit Business Community The Best Books For Learning About Running a Business The Do’s…

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