7 Skills-Based Hiring Best Practices: Hire for Skills, Not Just Degrees

skills-based hiring

Skills-based hiring has been on the front burner since last years’ executive order that allows federal agencies to prioritize skills-based hiring over education-based requirements. The federal government employs about 3% of the U.S. workforce, which is no small number. Extend that to the entire government sector including state and local governments and the number rises to…

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WorkforceHub and BambooHR Pricing Comparison

BambooHR pricing

Comparing BambooHR with Workforce Hub – Pricing Comparing small business HR software pricing is not straightforward. Each tech suite has its own combination of features and vendors use multiple pricing models. For example BambooHR pricing is based on the feature package and add-ons. BambooHR Essentials is $4.95 PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) but doesn’t include…

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#1 HR Challenge: Improve Recruiting Methods

SwipeClock improve recruiting and hiring

Solve Your Hiring Problems Employers and Human Resources professionals understand why everyone is trying to improve recruiting. The inability to find top talent is affecting most industries. In our Swipeclock small business survey, respondents cited hiring quality talent as one of their top concerns for this year. It’s not only low unemployment that is driving…

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The Best Small Business HR Tech for Digital Employee Experience

SwipeClock WorkforceHUB

Why Should You Care About the Digital Employee Experience at Your Company? The digital employee experience is the quality of the employee’s experience with their work tech. Indeed, it may be the most important element of the employee experience–especially for those that need technology to do most (or all) their job functions. That includes every…

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