How Structured Interviews Improve Small Business Hiring

structured interviews

Updated January 21, 2022 What are Structured Interviews? A structured interview uses a uniform script of questions and a scoring system. As a result, the interviewer follows the same script for each candidate. To be effective, the questions should be chosen specifically for the job skills. In addition, you should have questions that identify behavioral…

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How to Create a Yearly Hiring Plan

yearly hiring plan

Does your company currently hire on an as-needed basis? For example, when the workload becomes unsustainable, you begin a candidate search. When someone quits, you dust off the job description and start posting. With a de facto reactive system, you are always playing catch up. It not only stifles productivity, it lowers the quality of…

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9 Tips to Choose the Best ATS Solution

2 trophies on pedestal

Here are 9 tips to guide you to the best possible ATS for your company. 9 Tips For Choosing An ATS Solution When researching ATS (applicant tracking systems), you want to determine: 1. What value will the ATS provide? Before considering any solution, you must decide just what your company’s recruitment and acquisition needs are…

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Recruitment Marketing: How Human Resources Can Lean Into Marketing, See Trish Stromberg’s Latest Article

What’s the relationship between marketing, recruiting and corporate culture? Find out in Trish Stromberg’s latest LinkedIn article: Recruitment Marketing, How Human Resources Can Lean into Marketing. The Future of Small Business Recruiting Learn why traditional hiring methods don’t work for small businesses anymore and how to leverage marketing expertise to attract better candidates. Trish also…

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How Can an ATS Improve Social Media Hiring?

social media hiring

Social media hiring is growing in importance. Why? You find more qualified candidates It helps you strengthen your employer brand You build your talent pipeline faster Want to improve social media hiring? Social media has changed recruitment significantly—in a relatively short period of time. Companies are struggling to catch up. Many HR professionals don’t understand…

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Help Your Hiring Team Succeed

hiring team

Reading time: 5 minutes 5 Hiring Trends for Small Business Employers What trends will impact hiring this year? Improved screening for soft skills will expand your hiring pool Company culture still an important factor for applicants Gender pay equity and diversity hiring Older workers (65+) will eventually be the fastest-growing employee demographic Prepare for an…

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7 Skills-Based Hiring Best Practices: Hire for Skills, Not Just Degrees

skills-based hiring

Skills-based hiring has been on the front burner since last years’ executive order that allows federal agencies to prioritize skills-based hiring over education-based requirements. The federal government employs about 3% of the U.S. workforce, which is no small number. Extend that to the entire government sector including state and local governments and the number rises to…

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#1 HR Challenge: Improve Recruiting Methods

SwipeClock improve recruiting and hiring

Solve Your Hiring Problems Employers and Human Resources professionals understand why everyone is trying to improve recruiting. The inability to find top talent is affecting most industries. In our Swipeclock small business survey, respondents cited hiring quality talent as one of their top concerns for this year. It’s not only low unemployment that is driving…

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Applicant Tracking Systems Can Transform Your Hiring Process

applicant tracking systems SwipeClock

Succeeding in a competitive environment is impossible if you don’t have capable talent. The right people can not only execute on your business strategy but find ways to do it better and faster. On the flip side, poor hiring choices can hinder business growth, limit the performance of team members, and shortchange customers. In our…

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5 Ways to Use Texting in Recruiting

recruitment texting

Updated July 5, 2021 Many companies are using recruiting texting in their hiring operations. The open rates for marketing texts are legendary. Some studies put the text open rate above 90%! Compare that with around 45% for emails. No Communication is More Immediate Consider this: if a person has set up texting notifications, they can…

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