Recruitment Marketing: How Human Resources Can Lean Into Marketing, See Trish Stromberg’s Latest Article



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Hiring and Applicant Tracking

What’s the relationship between marketing, recruiting and corporate culture? Find out in Trish Stromberg’s latest LinkedIn article: Recruitment Marketing, How Human Resources Can Lean into Marketing.

The Future of Small Business Recruiting

Learn why traditional hiring methods don’t work for small businesses anymore and how to leverage marketing expertise to attract better candidates.

Trish also explains:

  • The connection between culture and retention
  • How hiring teams can partner with marketing teams
  • The components of a great recruitment marketing campaign
  • How to avoid the dark side of recruitment marketing

For actionable hiring guidance for small businesses, visit LinkedIn to read the article in full.

About Trish Stromberg

Trish Stromberg is the chief marketing officer at Swipeclock, a modern and user-friendly time and labor solution. Trish is an HR influencer and seasoned marketing executive with a passion for crafting creative and impactful marketing strategies.

Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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