Destructive Employee Absenteeism? Improve Your Attendance Tracking.

employee absenteeism

Attendance tracking is critical for identifying attendance problems. The impact of attendance problems doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Even one employee with an issue can create headaches for everyone. But it’s not just an annoyance. It has serious consequences for your business. Employee Attendance Issues Arriving late Frequently calling in sick Failing to attend…

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Managers can effectively manage employee absences

how can managers manage employee absences (1)

Employee absence is referred to as absenteeism. Absence management is the ability to manage employee absences and to help employees return to work well and functional as quickly as possible. It includes managing the existing workload to compensate for the missing employee. It can include re-assigning projects, hiring temporary workers, or calling employees to fill…

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Don’t Let Absenteeism Hurt Your Business — Use Workforce Management For Attendance Policies

SwipeClock workforce management

Absenteeism can hamper business growth in several ways. A staff member who is chronically tardy or absent is less productive. Their poor attendance lowers morale for others on their team. They make it difficult for the manager to create effective schedules. And, most importantly, they shortchange your customers. Smart employers use workforce management software to…

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Workforce Management Streamlines Accruals Including Unlimited PTO

wfm for unlimited PTO tracking

Are you considering a change in Paid Time Off policies at your company? If so, you aren’t alone. Across the country, employers are rethinking PTO and vacation time. Some are even offering unlimited PTO. Whichever method you choose, you need to administer it accurately and efficiently. Use workforce management software to implement a new policy,…

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Workforce Management Software Helps Small Businesses Manage Sick Leave

SwipeClock workforce management, WFM sick leave tools

Many small businesses don’t provide paid sick leave for hourly workers. Sick leave can protect your employees’ health and prevent productivity losses due to a company-wide illness. Workforce management software can help businesses with salaried or hourly employees manage sick leave. When employees come into work sick, it can be a public health threat. Hourly…

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The Supervisor’s Guide to Employee Absence Management During Vacation and Holiday Seasons

Employee Absence Management Guide

Summer vacations and holiday celebrations can take a toll on workplace productivity. Employee downtime doesn’t have to mean losing business momentum. Employee absence management can keep your business running smooth. Around this time each year, management starts to worry about the impact of vacations. Employees are starting to talk about taking time off and the…

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Workforce Management ROI: 7 Ways It Saves Far More Than It Costs

workforce management roi saves money

Are you hesitant about implementing workforce management? Do you think it will cost too much? This is understandable. After all, the Human Resources department isn’t a revenue generator. But that doesn’t mean that your staff can’t boost the bottom line by cutting labor costs. Workforce management software saves money and streamlines workflows. There are no…

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