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An older mobile time-tracking app didn’t allow SCE, Inc. to gather job site information when workers clocked in and out. This caused hassles, frustration, and wasted a lot of time. Now with TimeWorks Mobile from SwipeClock, billing and payroll are easy, hassle-free, accurate to the minute, and much less time consuming

Now with SwipeClock our payroll and billing are much faster and easier to process, and are accurate to the minute. SwipeClock just makes our jobs easier.


At headquarters, Tricia Cline, the company’s Payroll Manager, and two Project Managers, are responsible for managing time, attendance and payroll. “Managing a mobile workforce can be challenging since everyone is out of the office close to 100% of the time, often in remote locations, and regularly switching between jobs,” said Cline.  “However, our jobs were further complicated by an app the guys were using to clock in and out.”

Prior to SwipeClock, the company used a basic mobile app that allowed workers to punch in and out from their smartphones. While the functionality captured time, it lacked many of the features that were needed for Tricia and the Project Managers to simply and accurately capture time and attendance, and prepare payroll.

When punching in, each worker needed to contact the Project Managers to let them know which site they were working on. This often wasn’t feasible because the workers didn’t have time to send an email or text message. Once on site, they went right to work.

“We would end up having to follow up after the fact,” said Cline. “As time passed, the guys would do their best to remember the exact times, but it is just human nature to estimate hours by rounding up or down. And if we couldn’t reach them, we would get the information from their foreman, which was even less accurate.” This manual part of the time, attendance, and payroll process took a lot of extra hours, impacted how workers were paid, and made billing a lot more complicated.


SwipeClock for Construction was introduced to SCE in 2016. The SwipeClock app lets workers clock in and out remotely using any mobile device, while letting Tricia and the Project Managers manage employee time and attendance from headquarters.

And, most important, every time an employee punched in or out, his or her location is pinpointed with SwipeClock’s GPS functionality. With this information, it is easy to know which job site workers are at the moment because the precise date, time, and location of every punch are viewable on a visual map. And when a worker is in a remote area where service isn’t available, they can use the notes feature to identify the job they are working on.


“The GPS function eliminates the challenges we had with our previous app,” said Cline. “Now with SwipeClock our payroll and billing are much faster and easier to process, and are accurate to the minute.”

In fact, Tricia estimates that SwipeClock saves her a few hours a week in preparing payroll. With the extra time, she can more quickly get through all of her work to keep SCE running smoothly. But even more helpful is that SwipeClock eliminates the frustration and hassle of trying to find out where the workers are during the day. “SwipeClock just makes our jobs easier,” concluded Cline.

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Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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