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Alliance Business Solutions Grows 30% and Increases Employee Satisfaction by Helping Clients Automate Timekeeping and Scheduling

Alliance Business Solutions sought to help their clients replace manual processes and become more efficient with workforce management solutions. By helping their clients solve their challenges, Alliance Business Solutions’ clients are more satisfied and staying longer.

We decided to partner with SwipeClock over other workforce management companies because of its strong reputation, previous workforce management experience, seamless payroll system integration, and renowned partner and client service and support.


Running a small business is challenging. Owners wear multiple hats and work long hours to ensure customers are satisfied and payroll is met week after week. Focus on these areas often leaves little time to manage the largest and most important part of the business—labor.

For example, many small business owners track employee time and attendance, and coordinate scheduling on computer spreadsheets, calendars, or even paper time cards. While these approaches can get the job done, they come with numerous challenges.

For example, extra time spent following up with employees to find out the hours they worked could be spent on more important tasks. In addition, increased errors from manual processes often result in paying too much overtime. And, conversations between employees and managers about important topics like vacation time or the need to swap shifts often result in misunderstandings that impact productivity and retention.


To help businesses overcome these challenges, Alliance Business Solutions, a leading nationwide provider of business insurance, health insurance, employee benefit packages, HR, and payroll services, recently expanded its offerings to include workforce management solutions from SwipeClock. Specifically, Alliance Business Solutions is offering its clients SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Suite. The suite includes TimeWorksPlus for automated timekeeping and attendance tracking, TimeSimplicity for advanced scheduling. and TimeWorks Mobile to enable on-the- go timekeeping for both management and their staff. The comprehensive set of integrated solutions help businesses improve their bottom lines and become even more competitive.

“We decided to partner with SwipeClock over other workforce management companies because of its strong reputation, previous workforce management experience, seamless payroll system integration, and renowned partner and client service and support,” said James “JJ” Jagels, Vice President of Alliance Business Solutions. “SwipeClock offered just what we were looking for in a business partner.”


Alliance Business Solutions has grown 30% annually with help from the SwipeClock partnership. This growth has come from two main sources. First, Alliance Business Solutions can cross-sell its current small business clients with industry-leading solutions to automate timekeeping and scheduling.

Second, the company’s expanded end-to-end offerings allow it to successfully pursue larger companies that aren’t happy with the service they receive from the big payroll providers. “Essentially, timekeeping and scheduling are new arrows in our quiver to go after both small businesses and larger clients.”

Timekeeping and scheduling are also ‘sticky.’ So, in addition to adding more clients, Alliance Business Solutions retains them longer. With SwipeClock, the company significantly reduced its turnover rate, which ensures a steady revenue stream and a strong base from which to grow even further. “The ability to add new clients and keep them longer is a powerful combination that helps fuel our growth and profitability,” said Jagels.

“Simply put, SwipeClock is a great business partner,” concluded Jagels. “We have grown our company, our clients are more satisfied and staying longer, and we are helping them to be more successful—the main reason we’re in business. With SwipeClock, our motto of ‘We’ve Got You Covered’ is more true than ever.”

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Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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