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PayDataUSA implemented TimeWorksPlus’ and TimeSimplicity into their service offerings to not only enable their customers to manage their expanding workforce efficiently but also to have greater visibility into their day-to-day productivity.

The migration from TimeWorks to TimeWorksPlus is a very simple and easy process and we’ve received very positive feedback from clients who have upgraded.


PayDataUSA gives its clients the payroll resources of a large company with the personalized attention of a locally owned business. The company, which provides customized payroll management solutions that cut costs and save time, has grown across the United States by offering a comprehensive range of products and services, cutting-edge software, and the highest level of customer service possible.

Most companies come to PayDataUSA for automated payroll services once they have grown to the point where managing employees with spreadsheets and manual processes take too much time. Knowing that the real value of workforce automation comes from integrating payroll with timekeeping and scheduling, new customers are always asked, “How do you schedule employees and keep track of their time?” If the answer is “manually” or “with spreadsheets,” PayDataUSA know it can help by providing services beyond just automated payroll.

In addition to manual processes, PayDataUSA’s customers are challenged by increasing regulation, especially the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Companies now need to measure and report how many full-time workers they employ. This information determines whether a company is classified as a large or small business and whether it is required to provide employee health insurance. In this environment, manual errors can be even more costly due to penalties for non-compliance.

Solution and Results

PayData of Kentucky, a subsidiary of PayDataUSA has been a SwipeClock partner since 2005. By providing SwipeClock’s solutions—TimeWorksPlus for automated timekeeping, and TimeSimplicity for advanced scheduling—in addition to its own payroll service, PayData of Kentucky is able to help its clients grow, reduce overtime pay, and have more time to focus on their businesses. For example, OHP Workcare and SouthernCare Walk-In Clinics have been customers since 2013.

When the first OHP Work Care opened, workers’ time, attendance, and scheduling could be managed using a computer spreadsheet. This approach, however, created several challenges as the business grew to three locations and SouthernCare Walk-In Clinics were added to deliver quality care to more customers. Collecting and inputting hours worked, filling shifts with the right workers, and updating schedules as soon as they were printed took too much time, created a lot of extra work, and often resulted in manual errors that had to be corrected.

After rolling out TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity, OHP Work Care and SouthernCare Walk-In Clinic achieved greater visibility for the business owners, managers, and employees, ensured the right staffing at the right time in the right location to deliver the highest quality of care possible, lowered overtime costs, and streamlined the payroll process. “From our initial relationship as a payroll service provider, PayData of Kentucky has become a trusted business partner ,” said Candye Pinkston, Client Implementation Specialist for PayData of Kentucky.

Growth Strategy

As a long-time SwipeClock partner, PayData of Kentucky has several clients using TimeWorks, an older version of TimeWorksPlus. The payroll company is aggressively upgrading these customers to TimeWorksPlus to take advantage of tighter payroll integration such as reviewing and approving timecards online, additional features especially for accruals, and seamless integration with TimeSimplicity.

“The migration from TimeWorks to TimeWorksPlus is a very simple and easy process and we’ve received very positive feedback from clients who have upgraded,” said Pinkston. “We’ve upgraded about 10 percent of our clients and are moving the others to TimeWorksPlus now.”

Another important business driver is the ACA. As fines for non-compliance are implemented, businesses need new ways to manage the timekeeping and scheduling process. With TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity, PayData of Kentucky can both grow its business and retain customers longer by upselling and cross selling these solutions to new and existing customers.

“Because SwipeClock allows us to offer a comprehensive range of solutions, we can help companies that come to us for payroll, and then offer additional solutions that all work seamlessly together to help their businesses grow,” said Pinkston. “This strategy has helped us grow our own business to serve more than 150 clients of all sizes across the Central and Southern United States.”

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Simplify HR management today.

Simplify HR management today.

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