Why choose ApplicantStack for your Applicant Tracking System?

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Applicant Tracking System 2 min read There are many ATS on the market today.  Where do you begin to find the one that is right Applicant Tracking System your company needs? Since 2009, over 2,500 companies have chosen ApplicantStack to automate and streamline their recruiting process. We created ApplicantStack, a simple, easy-to-use, get-the-job-done software that…

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3 Steps to Reduce Employee Tardiness

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Employee lateness can chip away at your profitability. Here are 3 easy steps to reduce employee tardiness with an automated employee attendance tracker. First, let’s look at the top reasons why employee tardiness will hurt your small business time and attendance: Late employees… are less productive, lower customer satisfaction, and tarnish your brand. We may…

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9 Advantages of Automated Employee Time Tracking

automated employee time tracking

As a manager, you are always looking for better ways to optimize your workforce. Automated time tracking offers some remarkable advantages. It’s time to use an automated employee time tracking tool for your workforce optimization. Here are 9 advantages you’ll gain with an automated time tracker: 1. Know Your Numbers with Real-Time Reports To better…

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Find Out How You Can Comply with Payroll Based Journal With Ease

Payroll Based Journal- What? Is your nursing home PBJ compliant? And, why did Payroll Based Journal become law? The decision to put a loved one into a nursing home is a difficult and emotional decision. Fortunately, there are facilities that provide the loving care and treatment needed for short term recovery, or long term care.…

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