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Six Toxic Employee Types That Will Destroy Your Company Culture

Here are the six different kinds of toxic employee types that can single-handedly destroy a healthy productive work environment. The “Busy Body”- This is someone who is constantly trying to tell others how to do their job while their productivity is severely lacking. They are too busy minding others business that they fail to take…

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When Disruption in the Workplace Turns to Dysfunction

Let me start out by saying disruption is good, but when it creates havoc and is the cause of missed deliverables, low morale in the workplace and the breakdown of trust among your employees; simply put, it is cancerous, and it must be eliminated quickly. How healthy is your company? Here is a culture “health”…

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PayDataUSA Grows By Automating Timekeeping

PayDataUSA implemented TimeWorksPlus’ and TimeSimplicity into their service offerings to not only enable their customers to manage their expanding workforce efficiently but also to have greater visibility into their day-to-day productivity. The migration from TimeWorks to TimeWorksPlus is a very simple and easy process and we’ve received very positive feedback from clients who have upgraded. Challenge PayDataUSA gives its…

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OHP Work Care and Southern Care Walk-in Clinic


OHP WorkCare & Southern Care Walk-in Clinic needed solutions that not only ensure the quality of care for their patients but also to improve their efficiencies for payroll processing, managing employee schedules, and tracking hours worked. TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity helped them lower their overall labor costs. SwipeClock products enable them to manage their workforce management…

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941 Payroll And Timekeeping Grows With SwipeClock

941 Payroll and Timekeeping prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. By adding TimeWorksPlus, TimeWorks Mobile, and TimeSimplicity to its range of service offerings, clients have saved money by automating paper-based processes to minimize overtime pay, ensuring more accurate timekeeping, and having regular reports for audits, and improved decision making. With SwipeClock, we have helped…

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Payroll Experts Has 97% Client Retention Rate With SwipeClock

With clients in all 50 states, Payroll Experts needed a timekeeping solution that was easy to implement, yet provided the features customers needed. The comprehensive capabilities and ease of use of TimeWorksPlus enables Payroll Experts to get clients up and running the first time, every time. Partnering with SwipeClock is one of the keys to…

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National Payroll Grows By Automating Time And Attendance For Customers

National Payroll needed a timekeeping solution that not only made payroll processing easier for them but would also eliminate the manual tracking of employee hours for their clients. TimeWorksPlus solved both of these problems as well as provided many other benefits. Delivering what our customers needed while enabling our business to grow meant we had…

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Phoenix Residence Patients Receive the Care They Need With Help from TimeSimplicity


The Phoenix Residence sought to deliver the best care possible by transitioning to a holistic scheduling approach. TimeSimplicity reduced weekly scheduling time for each home while ensuring residence receive the 24/7 care they need and deserve. “Now that we have used TimeSimplicity for a while, we can’t imagine how we managed our scheduling before. TimeSimplicity is…

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