Pros and Cons of Cloud Versus On-Premise Workforce Management Software

Should I use a Cloud-based or Premise-Based Workforce Management Software? You already know that a workforce management software will make a huge difference in your HR and Payroll departments. It will help you with compliance. It will streamline many processes. But there’s a problem. There are so many choices. First, you have to decide; Cloud-based…

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The Value Of Integrating Disparate HR Systems

SwipeClock workforce management

Businesses implement workforce management software as they need it—or as they can afford it. These include Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), benefits management, payroll, talent acquisition, onboarding, and employee timekeeping. As the company grows over the years, it can end up with many disparate systems. Company mergers can add even more software complexity to the…

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How To Efficiently Manage Your Construction Workforce In Bad Weather

managing your construction workforce in bad weather

Managing your construction workforce can take a lot of effort. Things can be even tougher when you have to account for bad weather. Bad weather doesn’t have to rain on your construction payroll. Workforce management software is better than an umbrella when it comes to saving a rainy day. Construction site scheduling, on-site time-tracking, mobile…

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The Benefits of Labor Management: More Time, Money, Expertise

SwipeClock Labor Management

Small business owners operating on a tight budget have to make difficult choices. You can never do everything you want to do to grow your company. What decisions are you mulling over? Should you get an assistant to ease your 60-hour workweeks? Should you upgrade critical equipment? Expand your sales staff? Hire a developer to…

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Use Workforce Management Software to Create a Successful Employee Engagement Program

SwipeClock employee engagement software

Why should you care about employee engagement? Here just a few reasons: 1. Engagement and productivity are interdependent. When you increase engagement, you increase productivity. This, in turn, boosts profitability. 2. Engaged employees are more invested in your company. This improves the quality of their work. Engaged employees provide better service to your customers. 3.…

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Four Easy Steps to Fast-Track Home Care Hiring

closeup of feet running up stairs

The job outlook for home health and personal care aides is on the rise. Employment for this title is expected to increase by 41% from 2016 to 2026. That’s an astonishing number. (The average growth rate for all occupations is just 7%.) This career, which requires little work experience or education, is attractive to all sorts of…

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Employee Onboarding: The Five Things You’ll Never Do Again

employee onboarding software

Employee onboarding is an intriguing mix of art and science. You want your new hire to feel comfortable and acclimated – but you also want to get that person up and running as quickly as possible. While there are no shortcuts to a good onboarding process, employee onboarding software can make it much easier for…

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