What Are Human Resources Techniques For Keeping The Best Employees?

What are human resources techniques for keeping the best employees? Improve your hiring practices Create a structured onboarding program Provide a career path Respond to employee feedback Review performance fairly and often Improve work/life balance Create an outstanding employee experience Create a Strategy In this age of job-hopping, you have to get serious about retention.…

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Employee Time, Scheduling, Accruals With a Turnkey Solution: Labor Management Has Never Been Easier

TimeWorksExpress turnkey employee timekeeping and scheduling

There are more employee timekeeping options than ever before. One of the newer advancements is a self-provisioning, or turnkey solution. It offers all the benefits of cloud-based automated timekeeping but can be set up and used immediately. How Do Turnkey Employee Timekeeping/Scheduling Systems Work? With traditional cloud-based (or Software as a Service) systems, you choose…

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How Can An Employee Timekeeping System Help Me Comply With 2019 Minimum Wage Laws? [Compliance 101 For New Business Owners]

SwipeClock employee timekeeping systems

Every employer is subject to minimum wage laws. Compliance can be complicated, but employee timekeeping doesn’t have to be. An employee timekeeping system simplifies minimum wage compliance. Plus all the other laws. These include overtime, Affordable Care Act, child labor, fair scheduling, and meals/breaks. What Is An Employee Timekeeping System? An employee timekeeping system is…

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