3 Simple Ways To Instantly Improve Your Onboarding Process

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New employee paperwork is important, but you should never let that be both the first – and last – stop of your company’s onboarding process. Studies have shown that a structured onboarding process improves employee retention rates and decreases costs. How? Consider this: Hiring a new employee can cost almost $4,000, plus salary & benefits.…

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The Supervisor’s Guide to Employee Absence Management During Vacation and Holiday Seasons

Employee Absence Management Guide

Summer vacations and holiday celebrations can take a toll on workplace productivity. Employee downtime doesn’t have to mean losing business momentum. Employee absence management can keep your business running smooth. Around this time each year, management starts to worry about the impact of vacations. Employees are starting to talk about taking time off and the…

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Workforce Management ROI: 7 Ways It Saves Far More Than It Costs

workforce management roi saves money

Are you hesitant about implementing workforce management? Do you think it will cost too much? This is understandable. After all, the Human Resources department isn’t a revenue generator. But that doesn’t mean that your staff can’t boost the bottom line by cutting labor costs. Workforce management software saves money and streamlines workflows. There are no…

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5 Must-Have Features Of Mobile Workforce Management Software

Mobile WFM from SwipeClock

Mobile workforce management software has become a critical success factor for small business. If your company has employees on the go, you must have mobile WFM to be competitive. It’s that simple. If you aren’t using mobile WFM to manage your remote and mobile employees, you are already behind. Mobile Workforce Management Is a Necessity…

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Three Important Tax Benefits of Workforce Management Software

tax preparation with workforce management software

Preparing for taxes is a stressful time. Workforce management software can relieve that stress and make tax preparation easier. WFM software offers three important tax benefits that will help your business. Each of these benefits will help you prepare for tax season before the crunch. They will also help you optimize the tax preparation process…

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Work-Life Balance Solved With Workforce Management Software

Balance Life and Work with Workforce Management

Workforce management software makes life easier for owners, managers, and employees. At work and at home. Just because these benefits are more difficult to quantify or articulate, this doesn’t make them less important. To the contrary—these benefits may be the most valuable. On a personal level, what could be more valuable than less stress at…

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Easily Manage Part Time Employment With Full Time And Attendance

manage part time employees with time and attendance

Part-time employment is defined as working less than 35 hours per week. There are 28 million part-time workers in the U.S.  The main reason business owners offer part-time employment is to save money. They accomplish this in several ways. Part-time employees are often paid less per hour. Employers also save by providing fewer benefits to…

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8 New School Reasons You Need WFM For Education

workforce management solutions for education

As an educator, I am shocked that schools still use paper time tracking. Workforce management solutions exist to help educators save time and money. We need a lot more of both, and workforce management, or WFM for education, is a solution that works. So Why Aren’t We Using WFM For Education? There are plenty of…

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Onboarding Made Easy With Workforce Management

employee onboarding with workforce management

Effective onboarding can make the difference between employee success or failure. Workforce management can improve the chances of turning that new hire into a big win. Workforce management solutions can even make onboarding easy. The Complexity Of Modern Onboarding Companies large and small are realizing that onboarding is a critical step in hiring. Companies with…

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Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Move to Automated Timekeeping

Small businesses have been called the backbone of the economy making up 99.7% of US employer firms (according to SBA.gov). But, what is the backbone of small business? Customers? Employees? A good business plan? Technology? Would it surprise you to learn that “systems” are actually considered to be the backbone of small business success? But,…

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