How Human Resources Saves Valuable Time

Human Resources Valuable time

Addressing Human Resources Valuable Time: Recently, I had an email exchange with a Human Resources Manager who indicated she was too busy to evaluate an applicant tracking system (ATS).  As a former technical recruiter and someone whose colleagues are former HR professionals, I get it.  The hundreds of resumes sitting on your desk and in your inbox,…

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ApplicantStack and Google for Jobs


ApplicantStack has integrated with Google for Jobs to make finding the right candidate even easier. ApplicantStack and Google for Jobs: You can now automatically push your jobs to appear in Google for Jobs.  Google for Jobs is a new job search engine powered by Google and is a job search tool which boosts the exposure of…

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How to Save Time with Pre-screening Questions!

Firm Handshake

Pre-screening Questions Going through hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of resumes can be very time-consuming.  Being a human resource professional, there are many items on your to-do list and freeing up some time is always a plus.  That is where Pre-screening Questions can come in handy. Here are a few ways to save time using pre-screening questions:…

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How To Buy Time Clocks For Small Business

time clocks for small business

This guide will help you choose the right time clock for your business. 6 Critical Reasons Why You Need an Employee Time Clock To stay compliant with workplace laws To reduce payroll errors To maximize labor resources To prevent employee time theft To minimize overtime To improve employee oversight 5 Key Findings About Employee Time…

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